Monday, October 30, 2006

Happy Birthday to BFoR and Hallow's Eve...

So BFoR had his birthday dealio yesterday arvo (er, afternoon for those of you non-Aussies).

After lazily getting up at 10AM-ish I proceeded to lounge around as BFoL had some breakfast and BFoR was packing up to head to his parents house. Helped BFoR pack his laundry (which actually later, I ended up taking it for him to his parents' place). BFoL and I leave and head over to the party...

Get to BFoR's parents' house, greated with a "fI and laundry!," in which I replied "You're more excited to see your laundry than me!" Haha...BFoR defended himself, "I said fI AND laundry, not just laundry!" *laughs* I love BFoR! :D

There was alot of awkward silence and alot of video game playing. And some eye candy!!! :D hC showed up!!! And OMG I almost died! (Well not really, but I was definitely jubilant! :D) He walked in and no one really paid attention, so like a shark I "aided" him in his confusion. "BFoR is out, he'll be back. There's food in the kitchen help yourself!" (I know I talk like I live there, and well...definitely does feel like a second home thanks to BFoR, his parents and his siblings whom I love to death!!! :D). Yah...hC was definitely a sight for sore eyes! Yum! Taunted him a few times when he was playing video games with a huge grin on my face! I reveled in his apperance at the party more so than I let on. I even nudged BFoL when hC came in cause I was quite excited. Okay I'm digressing...back on topic, well sort of. So BFoR also invited some of his fraternity brothers...and well The Pledge was definitely a looker. Kind of reminds me of Micifus Phil as far as looks and what have you. Long, combed brown hair, cleft chin, killer smile and some gorgeous blue-green eyes! Wow! It was definitely hard not to stare! :O Okay enough of the beautiful boys I've seen this weekend. But yah hung out with BFoR's sister in the dining room chatting with another friend of ours and having some eats and drinks. Had cake and then shortly after, I decided I should go so I could head home to my parents' place and take BFoL back to his apartment (and thanks goes out to BFoL for letting me crash in his room for the night! ;D).

Got back to BFoL's apartment and packed up my stuff and he helped me to my car. Gave him a hug and was off. Went home for a bit, fell asleep for half an hour and then had some of my parents' leftovers for dinner to the tune of the Amazing Race. Did I mention I love Thai food?!

An overarching theme to this whole weekend though, was what Mr. Right Now was up to. I hadn't heard from him all weekend. So he was on my mind everyday until today I got courageous and texted him to see how he was cause he was sick and had gone into the hospital for a check up (which he initially alarmed with by saying he went to the hospital, period). So he's just been bed ridden and uncommunicable. Good. I thought he was mad at me or our blossoming relationship had taken a turn somewhere. I guess I need to throw the question out there soon...I think it puts me in too much limbo and being OCD about things like this make me paranoid. Anyways, I digress...I need to go do dishes and shower since I went to the gym again tonight...soon enough I hope I get as half as close to good looking as some of the guys you see on the net or camming, or if I'll even look half as decent (and by that I mean amazing) as Bobby of Bobby's Body blog by next Summer! Here's to hoping!!! Anyways, next post, definitely the Movie Reviews...


P.S. BTW, check out "The Sights" section to the right of this post. If you haven't seen some of the beautiful specimens of visiual distractions and (not up yet, waiting for Jasun, the site's webmaster, to send a resized image) produce, then you're missing out! Beautiful, handsome men! (a spinoff of is in the backyard of the neighboring city of the city I live in. Hopefully run into some of the hotties one day! ;) Oh and I owe a picture of me dressed in my Halloween costume! Which BTW, Happy Halloween everyone! Have a safe Halloween, check all your candies before you eat them and don't party too hard! And I leave this post with a photoon the right of this paragraph of a pumpkin I carved last year with one of my then-roommates. Isn't it cool?! :D

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