Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Discharge, Part 01...

Hope I didn't keep you all waiting too long! (My only to continue blog life is through my Crackberry, at the moment, so bear with me!)

It's been quite tumultuous the last week and a half (and that's outside of the drugs and pain mind you).

Let's see if I can tell you all how I'm doing without being too wordy (Drew of knows how bad I've with this, "Hi there handsome! :D")...

January 9th was a long day for everyone (I'll get to why in a second)! Went in at 9:30AM, prepped by noon, wheeled into the OR by 1:30PM, then out of the OR by 4:30AM on January 10th. A gruelling 11 hour operation for the nuerosurgeon, family and friends (BFoR waited until I got out of surgery on the 10th with his best friend/mutual friend so they could see me...thankfully! I love them so much for being there for me!)

80% of the tumour (Thanks to ESJ for correcting my spelling heh!) is finally out!

This is quite physically tiring to do on my CB, let alone at 3:30AM on January 17th! Vicodin gives one some intense REM sleeps! And I mean INTENSE! So I'll have to continue this tons of stories for you kids! ;)



Superdrewby said...

Welcome home to the land of Vicodin induced something - or as Homer Simpson says "No Beer or Tv make Homer something something something" hehehehe

Geez, I can't concentrate on something for 1 hour withouta break let alone 11 hours, heres to your neurosurgeon! may he have a trophy wife, a ferrari in the garage and three lovely schnauzers inside! LOL

No seriously let's make sure he has all of these things, then we know he is the best! and has done the best possible job on your noggin!

Anonymous said...

I have been checking your blog every day, keen to hear how you are coming through this huge challenge!!!

We have never met, but your bravery (expressed in this blog) has been amazing!

I hope the recovery continues quickly with pleasant dreams and reducing pain...

DB said...

So glad to hear you're doing well. I hope you're starting to feel better. Enjoy the painkillers while they last.