Friday, January 26, 2007

Rehab, Part 02...

So, had my rehab session with Todd today. And he was cute in a older guy, DILF (read: Dad I'd Like to Fuck) sorta way. He was cracking jokes and what have you here and there, which I thought was pretty cute of him. I can imagine that when he was a bit younger than he is now that he was quite a looker...I have to admit my guilty pleasure was staring into his blue! :D

So far the rehab (only the first week) has been good. Gotten alot more movement back in my neck and shoulders and I'm less afraid to walk around (again something I mentioned we all take for granted). They're trying to reprogram my brain to find the discomfort and dizziness as normal rather than a reflex where you want to stop a bad feeling like the dizziness, uneasiness and discomfort of it all.

Todd had me do several walking exercises to test/stretch/regain full motion of my neck inversely to the use of my eyes...which I forget what it's called but my eyes, when I turn to the right skip their place, due to the surgery. So hopefully that gets in check sooner or later!

Also, having my eyes closed and shaking my head is NOT FUN! That's when my condition/dizziness feels at its worse I can feel myself tettering off center. It was kinda hot to have had Todd put the stability belt on me to make sure I wouldn't fall. hehehe...Okay enough of me being naughty for now...Time for some Pussycat Dolls in London live concert and Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers in Orange County live concert!


P.S. I'll try to post my lucid dream story this weekend when I have more privacy...As Bart said, "Can't sleep...the clowns'll eat me!"...Well I'm not scared of clowns...the parents (read: mom) get nosy and butt into my business! :X And shout outs to Dan of as it's his birthday soon (beginning of February) and Drew of again for being the most gracious sweetheart! *hugs to both of them* You guys should have your packages in your hands by the middle of or late next week! Enjoy! ;)

P.P.S. I'm a huge fan of Joss Stone who's new album "Introducing Joss Stone" arrives in stores March 20th. If you haven't checked her out, please do! Her new single is "Tell Me 'Bout It" (it's likely playing for you automatically on my blog right now! Props to DB of A Procrastinating Wolverine for the idea...although my implementation didn't take me an hour and a half :X) a hot track with her awesome vocals produced by Raphael Saadiq (of Toni! Tony! Tone! fame)! Check it out! Oh and I'm mentioning her cause I'm gonna see her live, in concert on January 31st...Can't wait! Coincidentally, it'll be one of the first times I'm out in public alone...well with a friend...but I mean without my parents and such! Yay me! :D

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