Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Seeing Stars...

(click for hi-res)

...Porn Stars, that is!

Again!!! Can you imagine?! So this time it was at The Grove in Los Angeles! I mean, this guy is hot and of course I noticed him! His body is insane (the t-shirt hugged every rippled muscle on his body)!!!

Okay, let's cut to the's the picture I snapped from my phone:

(Hi-res here)

I circled him in the picture. His name is Riley (this link and the following links are NSFW!!!) and you can find him on the following sites:,, (where he does lives shows). More pictures of him:

(Hi-res here)

Okay...with that said, I've spotted two amateur porn stars in the past two weeks. Does that say something about me?!...



francoism said...

Better seeing porn stars than politicians. With our provincial elections going on full-blast, I think I've had every political party representative stop by my place. Not nearly as easy on the eye.

Superdrewby said...

yes it obviously means you look at porn hehehehe