Friday, December 22, 2006

It wasn't just a dream...

Okay, I'm going to lift that hiatus I mentioned a few posts ago as I'm living it up know...Anyways...

So tonight I went and saw a special engagement pre-screening of Dreamgirls at
The Arclight (beautiful theatre btw, assigned seating, delicious carmel corn, alcohol in the theatre during certain moving showings. GOOD STUFF!) in Hollywood with my best friend (not BFoR or BFoL) and his cousins and sister in tow. Sister and girl cousin went to see The Holiday and best friend, guy cousin and I saw Dreamgirls at the Cineramadome.

Also got some schwag with the hefty $25 ticket price: a lithograph limited to 42K prints and a Dreamgirls glossy program of sorts. Not bad incentives to see it a few days before it opens.

So before I forget, thanks to my best friend for bringing me a lamb sandwich (tasty morsels!) to eat, but with my current condition, I rarely have an appetit, if at all, sadly.

And back to the movie, despite the peanut gallery that sat behind us whom hooted and hollered throughout the movie like it was an episode of Showtime at the Apollo, the movie was visually stunning (maybe it was the digital projection?), beautiful set design, costumes, and the best part: amazing singing. Especially by Jennifer Hudson playing Effie White (accolades to Jennifer Holliday for setting the bar high) totally took the role and signature song and rocked it out! I nearly cried when she was singing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" (the subject of the post previous to this one) but I didn't, cause well my friends were right next to me.

If I had to rate the move on a scale of 1-10, 9 - for SUCCESSFULLY porting a Tony Award Winning Broadway musical to the silver screen.

As for Booyence getting the nod for lead actress of the film, I say BULLSHIT!!! She was only in the movie for 1/3 of the movie, with 2/3 of the movie being Jennifer Hudson carrying the movie, whom only got a supporting actress nod (and I hope the overstated diva doesn't win that, she doesn't deserve it; it belongs to Ms. "Effie" Hudson). Girl got robbed!!! Damn diva status *shakes fist in air*!!! Anyways, I digress...

Definitely would watch it again a second time to get any more nuances and to enjoy the film sans peanut gallery...Anyone wanna go with me? ;)


P.S. Forgot to mention, my friend and I spotted Kathy Griffin, in attendance (she's short!). Not sure if anyone else recognized her...but I did and so did my friend. And also another honorable mention to the male couple in front of us during the movie...made me bitter in the sense I wish I went to see the movie with my non-existent man. Speaking of men, there was a TON of eye candy...oh man...would cruising in the lobby shop of the theatre be considered a indecent exposure? ;)

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