Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Third Brush...

"Middle school marked a change in practice: Physical Education (herein P.E.).

The American School system's age old attempt to instill life long practices of fitness, competitiveness and health.

Yes, middle school was definitely a mark for him as P.E. was not only about the aforementioned but also consisted of the undressing and dressing of pre-pubescent boys, several of which may have hit puberty earlier than others.

The locker room turned into a stomping ground of many boys undressing, dropping trow, frolicking in the showers and roaming without abandon.

Getting ready for P.E. and redressing at it's close were definitely two adequate times for lots of head turning and eye fixations. In particular for him, his adjacent lockermate, Billy B.

Billy B. was definitely a fine specimen of a strapping young man in the making. Frost white blonde, squarish jaw, an impending musculature that showed it's iminent potential and abs you could definitely take a load of laundry to.

As coy as Billy B. was, didn't know he was an object of eventual lustful thoughts and perversion. It was with luck that the said lockermate would be lucky enough in the lapse of the year to catch glimpse. A glimpse of what you may ask?

One day as Billy B. was attempting to ready to redress himself, it happened. Billy B.'s tighty whities tented ever so slightly, at the most perfected angle to expose his manhood. A tuft of matching frosty white blonde hair atop what appeared to be a flaccid four inch penis. He found it difficult not to stare as he had never seen any other as close or as fully realized as the one he bore witness to that day (other than his own of course).

Billy B. didn't notice, but he exposed himself that day to him. It was beautiful. Engrained in his memory that day. A glimpse of another boy's penis. He still can recall Billy B.'s smirkish smile, his toned body, the abs...and...that penis in his memory..."


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