Wednesday, May 30, 2007

For fun...

Since I don't have time to write a decent post, here's a funny quote from Robin Williams from my desk calendar:

"We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture."

Gave me a good laugh at work! :D


Monday, May 21, 2007

An accessory...

So this article has been coming up in the news often within the last week or so...

The stories of Porn Mogul (I guess you could call him that since I know the studio name) Bryan Kocis of Cobra Studios, was slain earlier this year by two porn stars, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. The articles keep tying back to Brent Corrigan and his partner, Grant Roy. In every article. His name manages to come up in regards to the conversations Cuadra and Kerekes had before slaying Kocis.

I'm not sure if the intent of all these articles is to indirectly (or maybe even directly) tie-in that Brent Corrigan (aka Sean Lockhart) is an accessory to this gross attempt to squealch a larger studio to their advantage. Articles also suggest that if they had gotten Brent as part of their production outfit that they would have a twink powerhouse (not that I'm a twink fan, in that respect). So was there something in it for him at the end?

Not that I'm trying to point any fingers, but I recall Brent being in some tumultuous times late last year. Some bloggers posted about Brent's laments about being embroiled in some contractual issues and even Brent himself on his site/blog mentioned how he was nearly locked out from using his namesake due to a fall out. Unfortunately, at this time, rather than doing my due diligence and finding these articles (I don't necessarily have time at the moment), I'm going to placate all my statements as heresay, yellow journalism.

Most of the recent news you can find at Towleroad or directly here.

So what do you think? An accessory or unlikely suspect?


Update: Hrm...strangely, Brent Corrigan has not issued any statement in regards to the recent news as of yet. His name is all over articles pointing at him. I would think at least some PR would be good. He's probably on some NDA at the moment until the case closes and Cuadra and Kerekes are acquited....

Tooting Your Horn...

Okay, I'm never in the business to toot my own horn (we all know we all end up doing that one time or another; and some more than the rest of us :X), but this article I think is spot on (at least for me).

Take are quick read:

Decode your birth order

By Lisa Lombardi

Want some fresh insight into your love personality? Forget about whether you’re a Leo, Pisces or Aquarius; instead, consider whether you’re a first-born, middle child, or baby of the family. If you want to understand how you operate in every kind of relationship, “understanding birth order is a lifesaver,” stresses psychologist Kevin Leman, Ph.D., author of The Birth Order Book. Read on for your dating personality:

If you’re an only child:

You’re a rock-solid citizen—and sweetie. “Only children are super-reliable,” Dr. Leman says. “They’re like oldest children to the extreme.” Growing up with only adults made you into a little grown-up early on—serious and dependable. You’re the rare person who will stay up half the night helping a friend or partner prep for a licensing exam or a big work presentation. You’re the type to move your partner’s car so he or she doesn’t get a ticket. Punctual and true to your word, onlies like you never leave a loved one waiting for a call or email. And you’re articulate, too, so your date can expect great conversations that really make a person think.

Your love challenge:
Admit it: You’re a bit of a perfectionist. Maybe you send back steaks that aren’t cooked just so or point out a teeny-tiny stain on your date’s sweater. Also, you’re so cautious and pragmatic, you can be very slow to act (read: Someone else has to make the first move).

Best match:
Youngest kid, because you balance each other out. The baby of the family adds the spontaneity and romance, while you make sure you two aren’t dining by candlelight because the electric bill never got paid!

So what are you all?


P.S. So I was having a heated discussion with BFoR's sister regarding the photo she took. The original vs. the photoshopped version (which I did)...which do you like better (click on the image for a higher res version)?! (Ignore the watermarks and the text)...Feedback appreciated! :D

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Girl, They Won't Believe It...

Saw Joss Stone down in San Diego this weekend. It was tons of fun! Went with CAAJ, BFoL and Frat Bro AB. Good times were had!

Fag Hag and I headed down mid morning (after a $37 oil change that I didn't have to step out of my car for! AMAZING!) and made it down to AB's place by 1:30-2pm-ish. We then headed over to the Viejas Casino and Outlet and spent a good portion of our afternoon shopping. I bought things from 4 out of the 5 stores we walked into. I know, I know! I shouldn't be splurging, but having just sold some company stock I figured I deserved to let loose a little. Bought some items from the Disney character store, a watch face and 3 straps from the Fossil store, boxers at The Gap (courtesy of AB, to pay me back for the concert tickets), some workout clothes at the Nike store, a micro fleece blanket and two cushions for the concert and then a hoody and t-shirt at the merchandise table at the concert. I spent about $200-300 all together, I think. I lost count! Retail therapy; a man's best friend! :D

We had dinner at the Harvest Buffet inside the Viejas casino, we lined up to get into the concert about 45 minutes before the doors opened, to a long line. Throughout the whole day, it was disappointing as there was not alot of talent, if that anywhere in sight. Suffered through two painful opening acts until Joss came on stage. I was singing my heart out with her trying not to freeze in the middle of the park, standing with the crowd. She did the longest set I've ever witnessed her performing: 2 hours!!! She got on at 9:30PM and finished a little after 11:30PM.

Afterwards we met up with BFoL friend, IV to get some burritos at Sombrero's (I think that's what it was called). Then we went back to AB's place to get my car and the Fag Hag and I made our way back up to Orange County. Boy, were we tired! We got back around 2AM. And got up at 7AM. I got up insanely early for good reason...

So a quick explanation fo why I had gotten up so early for a Sunday (when I usually don't get up that early). I was trying to meet up with JP Mac of Overnight in New York fame. He was in town for a job interview (which he sounds like he may get). So in an effort (more like a crusade as I've told Tim from I Think I Might Be Gay) to meet the bloggers I interact with, been trying to meet up with JP since Friday evening. But after several speed bumps and road blocks, we didn't end up getting to meet up and hang out. Which is fine, as JP assured me he'd be back again for a visit! So I'll look forward to that next time he's in town and hopefully plan something out instead...hah! Here's to hoping JP get's some good news Monday about that job here in LA. I feel he deserves a job that acknowledges his worth. G'luck JP! :D

And I will leave it at that for now. I'm in dire need of a nap as this weekend was definitely a whirlwind! Hope you are all doing well! Looks like I'm going to do New York Memorial Day weekend in September...gonna book my tickets today/tonight! :)

*Placeholder for video I snuck from the concert*


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Secret Lovers...

I just love this commercial!!!

Not to mention at the end of the clip the hottie's who's GF is on his best friend's five, has a great ass! At the 0:09-0:10 second mark you get a nice profile view of his bubble butt (clothed, unfortunately!). Who is he?!


Put It In Me!

So the post I neglected to finish!

The past two Sundays, I've been priviledged to have gotten to seen Altar Boyz TWICE! The second time courtesy of ToBF aka ETW. Thanks go out to him for the belated birthday gift (along with lunch!); 'twas awesome! :D

The 2nd Sunday, ETW and I had lunch at CPK out in Long Beach/Marina area, where, surprisingly there was huge patronization of the LGBT community (which I never noticed before!). So it led to alot of questions, prodding and jokes by ETW. Not to mention him saying my new hairstyle was very...what was the word he used...well actually, (he can correct me if I'm wrong) "gay." And my defense is, not that I need one, thatI can't do much especially with the post surgical lack of hair in places on the back of my head. Also to mention our waitress was kinda cute. She looked a bit like Anne Hathaway; she definitely had a great smile! We had tons to eat, outside of my Mango Tandoori Chicken pizza on wheat dough, a half order of bbq chopped salad, hummus and bread service, I only ate one slice of my pizza! Christ! lol Oh well!

So we head off to the show and I quickly seized the merchandise table; this time around buying a shirt (as well as a song book and two posters). What can I was on sale! :D

The Boyz this time around were definitely more boisterous and lively, with it being their last show during its regional run. Definitely still have a crush on Matthew (aka
James Royce Edwards) and Luke grew on me (played by Tyler McGee). Not to mention Mark (played by Danny Calvert) went all out this time around and really brought out his inner diva! Was hoping to meet the cast but didn't stick around for them to make their way out. Oh well! You can check out pictures and a bootleg video here. But when I go to New York I will definitely "wait"! (If you know the show, you'd get the joke in that! ;D)

I'll spare you all any more details, but if you're in the NYC area go check the show out off broadway -- info
here. The show is already in its 2nd year run off broadway. Definitely a great show to catch!

Also, I guess now you could say what they call an "Altarholic." So if you're interested check out the site here:

Speaking of things in relation to music, this weekend I'm going to see Joss Stone (see side bar for a sample of her work) down in San Diego at Viejas (think casino, outlet, outdoor concert venue). Going with BFoL, Fag Hag and a Frat Bro. Should be good times. I leave you all with that...and possibly another story if things pan out tomorrow evening! Stay tuned!


P.S. G'luck to JP Mac of Overnight in New York on his job interview tomorrow afternoon!