Saturday, January 20, 2007

Discharge, Part 02...

I have to try to make this post incognito...

So where did I leave off?...Oh surgery...

I got wheeled into ICU post op with BFoR and our mutual friend in tow at about 6AM; I can only recall the fuzzy image of BFoR and friend, with BFoR rubbing my right finger tips (Thank you, you hot boy, you! ;P) and a nurse with a British accent grabbing both my arms and making some comment about the pain (my mom tells me she was saying, "[fI] it's okay to have some pain!"

Next day, I'm up and my ICU nurse Sarah was awesome! She babysat me for the next 12 hours or so from drugs, to pillow adjustments and such and making sure I was comfy as possible.

Then after a short stint in the ICU I got transferred to the West Wing, Nuerosciences, room 769B. And the first night my nurse was Maria, a very nice nurse who made sure I was comfy as well with lots of drugs and vicodin! Heh! :D Also props to the charge nurse Norma!

Then the next day was a great evening, introducing my first and only male nurse, Cullen! What a gorgeous man he was! about 5'10"-11", brown hair, hazel eyes and a slight muscular build. Had a scruffy goatee going. HOT! And lucky me I had him two nights in the row on the night time shift. I didn't mind waking up to him to take my blood sugar, giving me morphine, delotin and vicodin! YUM! Haha...I sound like i walked out of the Betty Ford clinic! Anyways! :D

Cullen, if anyone knows this guy (last initial starts with a T), let me know...and if he swings, even better...but definitely a beautiful, gorgeous man and I was lucky to have him two nights in a row as my nurse.

Not to mention the nice CP Anna, one of the few CP's who was very, very nice to me! Lovely lady indeed! :D

Then, there was my day nurse who I had twice, Olivia, who wasn't that great...especially during my discharge when they didn't represcribe the right meds. Some of my docs were on crack! Like Dr. Wu who tripped on my IV while it was STILL in my arm. Can we say OW?! And not to mention the countless pricks for the blood sugar and the anti-clotting shots on the tummy...OY!

So yah, I was discharged on Saturday, January 13th, only after about 4 days from Surgery >> ICU >> Regular Care...More in the next post! :D


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