Monday, April 30, 2007

HE called me on my cell phone...

Altar Boyz - "The Calling"

Starring: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham (he's Jewish!!!)...

If you are in the Southern California area (more so the vicinity of Long Beach, CA), the Altar Boyz are in concert until Sunday, May 6th, 2007 at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center, with their final performance at 2PM (ticket, showtimes and info
here). I might go again to see them (in particular, Matthew aka James Royce Edwards...HOT!!!)...took the fag hag with me...Thanks for coming CAAJ! Will elaborate on the weekend's happening tomorrow, in this same post!


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Work it out...

So after a few months of lacsidasical activity (not that I had a choice really), I am finally back to the gym!

I picked up a new membership at LA Fitness and it's a $118 well spent! (24 Hour Fitness is too full of meatheads who are just showing off and too many people in general who are just there in the interim until they lose interest in trying to recoup their gregarious expense on being locked in a several hundred dollar contract for 3 years, but I digress)

Outside of trying to fit the mold of what everyone think's is hot (our community vain and don't deny it! :p), definitely getting alot of visual stimulation of wanting to look good! Bobby over at Bobby's Body can attest that having some great eye candy can definitely get you through a workout!

There a good number of guys that caught my eye and too bad I'm unsure of the guys there as I'm assuming they are mostly straight since the gym is very corporate. Oh well...still nice to look at.

I know I haven't been very consistent about posting lately, but I am starting to pick up the pieces of where I left off before the life altering events of late. I am full of zest and positive outlook despite my personal setbacks and hang-ups in the dating scene. But I'm glad everyone I've been talking to has had luck in that department! I am happy for them despite being slightly jealous...who am I kidding! I am quite jealous, but hopefully my time will come soon enough! :D


P.S. I wish I had Jesse as my trainer...I would go religiously!!! ;)

Jesse the trainer from the reality tv show Work Out.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Blips on the Radar...

This past weekend I attended a good friend's non-birthday party with ETW (aka ToBF); the highlight of the weekend to my delight! I was initially reluctant, but boy, was I glad I decided to in the end! :D

So my weekend started off on Friday, where I told another of my good friends, DTJK, he is #13. Uncannily enough, it was also Friday the 13th! But my day was not riddled with any bad vibes (thankfully!). He was really great about it and didn't really bat an eyelash when I told him. Funny enough is that when I was trying to blurt it out, he had said he kinda saw it coming or had an inkling (well he likely thought I was gonna say I was gay). So the night progresses, he asks me a barrage of questions like when'd you know, are you a top or bottom, what do you like, have you been with a guy yet, et all. We had a very interesting exchange, the culmination being that he went on Craigslist and started looking at listings to my embarassment and dismay! In particular, the best (maybe the worst) instance was when he clicked on a listing with a guy who had a curved penis. As I covered my face in embarassment he took two of his fingers and belted, "Do you like it curved like this?!" Which I drew back my hand from my face in semi-shock to find out it was only his fingers (*phew*)!

Saturday morning I hung out with my new-found fag hag, CAAJ. We toured around Metro Pointe in Costa Mesa hitting up The Container Store, Best Buy, Nordies Rack, Pac Sun, Linen's N Things, Tilly's and lastly, Old Navy. We also made a pit stop at Boudin's for some awesome clam chowder in a bread bowl! Tasty! :D Speaking of tasty, there was tons of eye candy considering it was in Orange County (thank goodness for that!). In particular, there was talent at The Container Store (hunk in the red shirt); two metro's at Nordies Rack whom seemed to be on a whirlwind chase to find shirts/threads at the various stores in the vicinity. CAAJ had a hair appointment to cover up her blonde roots (*side note: she's asian, sadly...haha :P) so she left to truck it down to Laguna Beach and I called up BFoR and BFoL. Visited BFoR at his Fraternity event he was milling around out so I could give him his Easter gift: a hollow chocolate bunny *snickers* hehe :X He even had time to make me what turned into a paper lunch sack puppet! heh *hugs BFoR* After that I went to visit BFoL at their apartment. We hung out and talked about some personal things and I proceeded to fall asleep as he packed to head home.

And then the culmination of the weekend begins here. I head out to ETW's condo in Huntington Beach, but not before an excrutiatingly long car wash wait. Get to his place and end up chilling in front of his TV and his cat Shadow harassing me as I was trying to fall asleep! Damn you cat! Poor thing, probably was confused why I kept pushing it off of me and the couch; she made 4 attempts and finally left me alone! :P ETW finally get's back and we head out to said party. But, let me fast forward to the juicy parts of the evening...

So we get to KN's non-birthday party and she's already started her evening off with several other people who have been there earlier than we had arrived. There definitely some great moments: like things tasting like a turtle; as well as meat in one's mouth and not being able to swallow said meat. What really floored me is the talent that showed up at the party. I'm going to reveal his real name, which is Adam; he has the most gorgeous, rich, deep blue eyes (it'd be a fight between him and Drew of Superdrewby as far as who has the more beautiful eyes! :D). It was hard not to stare at him all night, not to mention his GF was in tow as well. I had forgotten about Adam because previously I had played poker at his place about two years ago, and well then, I wasn't yet into guys. Definitely remember thinking he was handsome at the time. Also in tow was a friend of his, Nick; who sent my gaydar on a 3-mile alarm! ETW and I were discussing the possibility and later we were totally sent amiss...or so we thought. Later we found KN getting macked on by Nick. But what confused me even more is when I heard him speak and converse in close proximity. And even more confusing of all the people, he said bye to me as I left. Totally confused! I wonder if his gaydar was set off by me. Anyways...

Definitely a great weekend...I wanna elaborate on the gaydar incident, but I'm tired...I will explore it in the next entry. G'nite! ;)


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

San Francisco, There I Went...

First off, I didn't really go to San Francisco, per se. I drove through it but was dead asleep...I'll explain that later...

So last Thursday evening, I flew out to San Jose Airport for a 4 night, 3 day weekend.

I arrived at the airport in due time, in which the flight didn't serve drinks due to some rough turbulence. And as the stewardess said, "We'd rather serve you drinks than wear them." Hah! :D

One of my best friends from high school, THTJ (from now on we use the acronyms of everyone's full name) had picked me up with her now fiancee. We headead out from the airport and grabbed some dinner over in Downtown Mountain View on Castro Street (not the one in SF). After dinner we headed out to get some boba aka tapioca drinks at Verde Tea Cafe where my other best friend from high school, CYG and her boyfriend joined us. It was good times just chatting, laughing and hanging out for a good hour and a half. We called it a night by 11PM or so as CYG and BF had work the day after, whilst myself, THTJ and Fiancee did not. :)

Woke up to THTJ cooking up some breakfast of mango juice, scrambled eggs and bacon in a crossaint. Good eats as always at her new condo! :D We then proceeded to hit up the Chabot Space and Science Museum over in the outskirts of Oakland. It was a whirlwind visit as THTJ and fiancee are scouting for places to have their wedding ceremony for next year. There were WAAAAY too many kids there...horrible!!! >_<

We then headed out to the Berkeley Art Musuem which was an interesting museum. It's open and a concrete jungle, with the rooms sectioned off by stairs. You have to see it to understand. There was one room in particular, the Asian section of the museum was amazing, as it had beech colored wood walls, and rice paper accents, with walls scrolls drapped on the walls. Would have been a great ceremony spot but it definitely couldn't accomodate 100 attendees.

We also checked out the Faculty Club's glade at Cal, but THTJ wanted a different part of the field which was complicated in itself. On the way to the Faculty Club, we walked by Capenelli Tower which was shown in the movie A Peaceful Warrior.

Also gotta mention the new kicks I picked up at Urban Outfitters during our post lunch stroll! I was perusing the sale section, when I was came upon a box of shoes in my size...Vans to be exact with dark grey wool fabric and velcro straps...I've been looking for something like these forever! Oh noes! Price tag said $49.99 marked down from $85.00...still a bit steep! >_< I clung onto the box debating on buying the pair of shoes, when the salesperson fished me as I trekked around the store with THTJ and fiancee. She rang them up and said $32.61!!! I was elated and am now the proud owner of these shoes! I'm a shoe-a-phile, what can I say! :D

Anyways, back to my weekend. That evening we had a free dinner at an undisclosed location where I proceeded to take some hilarioius pictures of me in front of the location's logo with me crushing a tschotchke from my current job (long story short, it was me fulfilling a joke by my coworkers, which they thoroughly enjoyed!). Also reenacted the painting of Hiro versus the T-Rex...I may have just said too much of where I was. If you figure it out...good for you! ;)

Saturday rolls around and I lazily woke up as THTJ and fiancee head out for their weekend errands. I eventually get ready and get picked up by CYG and BF to head out to Sonoma Chicken Coop to meet up with DLP and CAAJ. So I find out as we are waiting for DLP and CAAJ at the restaurant, that DLP and CAAJ left later expecting me to be late! Bitches! :p So we enjoy a lazy lunch of chatting and trying to figure out what to do. CYG and BF leave me with DLP and CAAJ to hang out and we end up going to The Tech museum in Downtown San Jose. Good times at the museum!!! We then had an afternoon snack at Tea Station in Milipitas and then proceeded to drive around Berkeley trying to find our dinner location, Tanjias (a Moroccan restaurant).

Dinner was an awesome time had with some red wine (CAAJ kept trying to make me drink my wine, which I didn't really like to be honest), lots of food, rose water, eggplant mash with bread and some belly dancing. The dancer was NOT hot. She definitely could NOT turn me straight! There's a photo of myself in which I am trying to insert a dollar into her waist strap but man...I was weirded out by it! >_<

If I wasn't tired already, Sunday we got up early for some Dim Sum (a Chinese brunch of sorts, kinda like Spanish tapas, if that makes sense to some of you). We had planned on going into the City (aka SF) but it was far and would have taken us too much time to get to. So after lunch we trekked around for some dessert in the ajoining shopping center over at McCarthy Ranch, where a college buddy of mine, KK, swung by to say hi and I snapped a pic. His visit consisted of a mere 10 minutes as he had to drive his new woman back to San Jose for work. He is now a flat foot for Contra Costa, so do not speed through that area! You have been warned! :P We then headed back to the undisclosed location to play some pool for the rest of the afternoon before my flight.

Landed at 7:45PM on Sunday and got picked up by JST (friend from college who also works at the same company as me). Thanks to him for the ride to and from the Burbank airport! :D

And that evening, I also decided to tell CAAJ of my alternative lifestyle. She was very accepting! Thank lord! CAAJ felt she was totally in the dark and such but I explained to her the reason to my madness and she conceeded it made sense. Now that I'm out to her, it's great cause she's willing to help me find Mr. Right and be my wingwoman! Hopefully we'll hit Rage in WeHo soon for their Asian night! :D

It is now 1:17AM and I should head to bed. Not to mention I'm jumping back onto the fitness wagon! I ran a little over a mile today at the park near work before I went over to a coworkers pad to catch Planet Earth, the new Discovery Channel series presented in HD. It was a fuckin' visual overload! Some awesome camera work and shots! Amazing indeed! Anyways, next up: hanging out with BFoR's Sister, her arm candy, and BFoL! :D


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Prettier than Antonella...

Down with Sanjaya!!!

*Disclaimer: Me posting this video does not in anyway acknowledge my support for this god awful American Idol contestant!!! Please acknowledge the highly satirical nature of the video to be exactly that...*bleh*


Sunday, April 01, 2007

Under Pressure...

Ring...ring..."What time is it?!" *groggy* *No answer* He rubs his eyes wearily and they clear up for him to read the clock on his blackberry...6:14AM!!!

He scrambles frantically to get ready in the next 15 minutes. Luckily, he had packed up the night before and ws able to get out in decent time...he anticipated. Unfortunately he forgot two things and had to run back making him later than he had hoped.

He finally makes it onto the freeway and he beheld the lovely morning traffic. He arrives at 7:20AM...20 minutes late for the actual time of his MRI. The sign read "Arriving 15 minutes late to your appointment may cause you to reschedule your appointment. I didn't get into my MRI until 8AM or so. They performed multiple scans and he heads down to the next part of the procedure at 9AM.
They prep and begin the procedure to place the headset on. 9:30AM...The doctor markes the spot with a red sharpie; two on the front, two on the back. The doctor begins with several pokes and injections of novacaine, short term anesthetic. Then they begin injecting the spots again with lidocaine, which puff up to accomodate the pins they screw into his head. "You'll feel a little pressure." A little?! He thinks to himself, "They obviously haven't had one of these headsets on!" He winces as the right pin is screwed in, "Can you still feel that?" "Yes," he mutters under the pain. The doctor gives him a second shot of lidocaine. They bring him some vicodine for the pain as it may persist as the anesthetics wear off.

He is then brought out for a CT Scan with the headset on so they can accurately pinpoint the location of the remnant tumor. The scan took mere minutes to perform. Then the wait comes.

He sits in the exam room with his parents for the greater part of the day awaiting the doctors and physicists examine the MRI and CT's plotting out their plan of action for the radiation. He has some breakfast as he wasn't allowed to eat past midnight. He is famished. The pancake, eggs and bacon were quite appeasing to his empty stomach.

As the day presses on, the headset gets heavy along with his patience and eye lids. He lays down on the gurney for some shut eye until 2PM.

3PM comes and they take him into the Novalis room. The huge machine has a revolving arm and exam table. The screw him into the table and fit a plastic box over his head to preciously aim the machine at the tumor. A minute at a time they administer the radiation, adjusting him ever so slightly as the arm made several passes. One mythos the therapists stated was that he would not see anything; although he did, when his eyes were closed, he could see little dots of white the machine passed over his eyes. 20 minutes later he was done. It was over.

The headset was removed and he was wheeled back to his parent's car for the ride home. In 6 months they would give him another MRI to make sure the tumor shrank and has not regrown. Only possible side effect is 6 weeks to 6 months down the line, possible swelling of the brain. Other than that...this battle, this journey has come to an end...for now.