Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mission: Critical!!!

HUGE News...HUGE!!!

I am now officially, completely out...My parents know!!!

Updates and complete story soon!!! :D


P.S. Okay I sound excited but it was a good and bad experience...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Strangely enough today...I felt quite lonely. I ended up staying at work late, alone to try to get some work done (because honestly, I barely did any work all day even though I got in at 7:45AM after working out with J#1, ate my breakfast upstairs in the cafe, had a long lunch out for my coworker's birthday, a meeting we arrived late to due to lunch, et all). Sitting there at my desk, all of a suddent I was washed over with a huge feeling of loneliness. I think my being a social butterly takes its toll on me mentally. That's not to say I'm not happy and fine being alone from time to time, but there are times when you just wish you had someone or some place you could go and not feel alone, you know? Well it also probably didn't help that J#1 had expressed some news to me about his situation which really took the wind out of me and made me feel depressed. It broke my heart to hear what had said...I'm hoping he doesn't follow through with it. I'll honestly be really sad if he does go that route. Sorry, I know I'm being vague, but for good reason. It's like that saying goes, if you speak it, it will happen. I tried to be positive with him, but he was being a defeatist as my coworker had called it. It's frustrating to seem him in that state of mind. And as a friend, what can you do but try to make light of the situation; and unfortunately, he was stressed out and I called him out and said he was being irrational. "Irrational my ass!" he bellowed over IM. *sigh* Anyways...I barely ate anything for dinner and nearly didn't eat cause as I was texting CS he said you shouldn't eat after 7PM. 6:55PM. "You have 5 minutes eat eat eat." I replied "You're silly, I can't eat that fast!"
Okay...I'm just rattling now with a flow of consciousness. Maybe it's cause I'm tired...I should probably sleep now... I'll blog more...need to talk about "Paying It Forward," coworker's birthday lunch today, coming out to more friends and confusion of misdirected assumptions...

P.S. That pic is of the (4) mini Hershey's Chocolate Bars with Almonds I consumed before writing this post. Are you jealous Drew?! hehe...Means I'm gonna have to do 100 more crunches now...:T

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

This is going to be a longer post than usual! I need to catch up on alot of recent events...

So first of all I need to recap on my second time attending the
So Cal Social Club mixer that was on October 24, 2007.

This was THE best mixer so far for me, because I came out of my shell. I vowed to not let the same thing happen to me again or anyone else for that matter. I got there a bit early and Luciano (the founder of the
So Cal Social Club) made fun of me! But my excuse is that work is literally down the street and no one was in the office anymore so there was no point in me sitting at work doing nothing. So in the beginning I noticed someone was in the same predicatment as I was in my first attendance, so I started talking to them (we'll call him W). And we got to talking for a while, then met his friend (we'll call him MG and who I am now friends with on a more casual basis). Met a whole bunch of new people (which I will get to in a minute). Not to mention showed my pop culture buffness during the game we played in the discussion group that evening (is it sad that I know what The Rugrats were/are?!). It was great this time around meeting everyone and seeing a few familiar faces here and there (not to mention the jerk who tried to get me on the pyramid scheme...). Anyways good times all around, and then the fruit flies showed up so we bounced and hit up The Abbey for some drinks, hummus and meeting up with their friend/former band mate. We shot the shit and hung out for a bit before I went home.

Then there was the
Men of Laguna Beach calendar signing this past Tuesday. Pictures are worth a thousand here's some pictures to keep this part short:

Then again afterwards had dinner with the fruit flies at The Abbey, yet again! Haha...Everyone says I should just move to WeHo...eventually!!!

Anyways, this weekend was great as well!!! Yesterday, hung out with the other fruit fly from Orange County and her brother. We spent the afternoon shopping at The Grove where I proceeded to spend the $200 I won from our bet of whomever lost the closest to 20 pounds in 2 months. I got some amazing jeans from Lucky Jeans, which cost $114 ($123 after tax)...a good portion of my budget. But the best thing is...I tried on the jeans...a 36...they were HUGE!!! I could fit my whole fist into the waist band! So then the sales girl suggest a 33...tried them on. THEY FIT!!! Can you imagine...size 33s!!! And they totally showed off my ass really well!!! I couldn't stop being giddy about my ass being shown off by these jeans! I <3>

Onto yesterday evening where I met up with a newfound friend (we'll call him CS) from the So Cal Social Club. We had some great emails back and forth and not to mention some really good phone conversations over the past week. It's refreshing! Definitely learning to take things as they are and not expecting too much out of the guys I met as of late. I have to say though, J#2 was such a mistake in all respects. Anyways, moved on from that. So last night we had dinner at Hamburger Mary's. Never, ever order the Chicken Pot's not good at all! CS enjoyed his All American stuffed hamburger...lucky him! hahaha Not to mention the very chatty waiter...he was hot! :D Had drink #1...Stolli Blueberry and 7UP... We then make our way over to The Abbey and Luciano was there, but no Chad so I was a bit sad! :( Thing is Luciano was "still waking up" he said and he never hooks it up. Had drink #2...Irish Car Bombs... CS commented about how long it took...but I did defend Luciano...despite CS's displeasure and the story he told me about him and Luciano. We bid Luciano adieu and headed over to Here. Met up with CS's friend J and J's BF. Had drink #3...Mind Eraser... We sat outside and chatted it up a bit with some great stories from CS and J. And CS brought up Chad and lucky for me J knew who I was talking about and I was happy and elated! We then proceeded back in for the guys to use the restroom and we got more drinks... Had drink #4...German Chocolate Cake Shot (although the bartender made them wrong)... We stayed inside where the music was playing and I started dancing cause I was feeling the music. Shook my ass in my new jeans in front of CS and J's boyfriend, who then proceeded to comment that I should be on the go go platform! Hahaha...I was waaay drunk by this point! :X So then another round ensued! Had drink #5...Another Stolli Bluberry & 7UP... Although at first I was drinking it and mentioned it tasted gnarly...then it was realized I had J's boyfriend's drink! Haha... After a few more minutes we lost CS so we went a searchin' for him and found him at the patio bar. J's boyfriend suggested they get me a water as I was clearly inebriated by that point. So I chugged down my water and we step out of Here onto Robertson. We say our goodbye's to J and J's Boyfriend whom were really great to hang out with! We walked back to the car and I'm clearly unable to walk straight for a good portion of the walk back. Luckily CS was sober (I hope...I couldn't tell really) and drove us back to his place. We searched for parking and found a spot a few blocks down the hill. We step out of the car and myself all giggly we walked (read: I staggered, he walked) to his place...and CS had to pee into the bush cause he couldn't hold it in any longer...then I proceeded to follow suit becuase I couldn't hold it in either! So we make it to his place and I finally met his beautiful doggie! SO cute! CS gets me to chug down 2 glasses of water before I knocked out on his couch at nearly 1AM.

This morning I woke up at nearly 7:30AM and proceeded in and out of consciousness up until 8:30AM when CS awoke and walked his doggie. Then we caught some of Better Half and then headed over to get some Starbucks with the doggie. Got me a ginger bread latte (kinda tasted a bit burnt) and CS got a peppermint mocha with 5 extra shots. We then proceeded to search for my car and we found it pretty quick...said our goodbyes and I made my way home...

And now here I am typing this blog and waiting for my laundry to dry...and I seriously need to pick up my place as it's a hot mess right now. Okay enough of this...Catch up with you bitches soon!


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Blast from the (not so distant) past...

Three days after my surgery...My name is obviously misspelled on the polaroid. Jackson was uber cute but he was a bit smelly! LOL The sign above my bed says "Special Care." I looked like shit, swollen as hell and barely ate; not to mention I was uber fat then. So from then til now...a TON of changes. A TON!!!
Anyways, thought I'd share this little tidbit of my life that I wanted to show you all...


Halloween + WeHo + Alcohol = Debauchery!!!, Part 02...

So where was I? Oh yah...

It was pretty croweded at Here Lounge that evening, as was everywhere else in WeHo that night!

After our drinks my coworkers and I decided to dance a bit on the dance floor. It was great! The music was really good and my coworkers complimented me on my dancing! *blush* hah...anyways! So we do that for a bit, then we wandered out into the patio to see if I could find my said boy (I'll have to decide if I want to say his real name and such as the other day he sent out a mass mailing that he was featured in a publication. And he's not really mine per se...). No luck there. The girls then decided they needed to use the restroom. So I milled around by myself a bit and in the process: one guy talked to me about my costume (that he was that two years in a row starting from last year...he was cute! Why didn't I talk to him more? I dunno), got gropped once by some guy dressed in some military fatigues (I couldn't tell if he was cute or not as he had a ton of face makeup on and it was dark, and I had breezed past him), and not to mention oogling all the shirtless guys all over the place (see previous post and slideshow at the end of this entry).

It's a good while that I'm milling around alone and then said boy finally arrives with his friends and roomie that I met at the mixer (I still need to talk about that night). Give him and his roomie a hug and they proceeded to the restrooms (what is my life!). So I wait around near the restrooms to no avail and then wandered my way back out to the patio to find my coworkers after growing tired of waiting. Oh and in between waiting I recognized my THIRD amatuer Porn Star!!! His name is Miguel/Nick (or so I read as he named himself when posing for Playgirl). Here's some photos of him:

So my coworkers and I are sitting in the corner admiring the boys and in particular the one dressed as Wolverine (again, see previous post and slideshow). We gropped him in the ass as well as his friend (?) whom we saw him make out with a bit shortly afterwards. Then my coworkers started chatting with two guys, David (a PHD candidate at UCLA) and Joey (a Masters candidate at UCLA as well, whom David tells us was his ex). Joey had a really nice body (as you can see in the slideshow) and David wasn't afraid of pulling up Joey's shirt and feeling him (neither was I). I gave Joey my business card much to the chagrin of my coworker. So we chatted them up for a while and I decided to leave the crazy of Here Lounge to the uber crazy of Santa Monica Blvd.

I then met up with another friend who has a striking resemblence to Katherine McPhee (runner up of American Idol Season 5, I think) and her friend who was dressed up as the Morton Salt girl. We meandered down the street to try a few bars like Fiesta Cantina (which was too crowded) and EastWest (which we ended up not going into after having been in line for 10 minutes...we were nearly to the door). Instead we opted to head back to my office to try to grab someting to eat at Swingers or Mel's Diner. So we walk back the 4 blocks to the office (blocks meaning lights, so it was more than 4 blocks) but by the time we got there I was plum tuckered out and the girls could see it in my body language despite my saying I was okay. So we called it a night. I drove them back to their car and my beaten body back to my apartment in the valley.

All in all, a fun night, albeit over the top crazy. Too crazy...maybe even for me...but never say never, right? Enjoy the photos below...Still need to recap the mixer I went to a few weeks back before the next one on November 21st and also a nice dinner I had with a good friend last night at The Abbey...

Slideshow of my censored photos (those of which don't include frontal shots of people I know)


P.S. Props to Matt of Debriefing the Boys for spotting me out and about on Wednesday...Quite the elusive guy he is! :D

Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween + WeHo + Alcohol = Debauchery!!!, Part 01...

OMG! Last night was a night of infamy! Across the board not only for myself but for my coworkers who I hung out with in WeHo for Halloween! It was out of control to say the least!

So yesterday was a bit crazed because I had to go from a team lunch to North Hollywood for a Client party and then back to Beverly Hills to meet up with coworkers at the office.

Got all that craziness accomplished (not to mention several cute boys along the way: one who had his undies exposed while sitting [picture to be uploaded] at lunch at Izakaya and then at the Client party in the Ghostbusters outfit [no picture, unfortunately]), my coworkers and I made our way over to Santa Monica Blvd at 6PM to have dinner at Skewers. Great food as always...I managed to get down a Cantaloupe Martini.

We make our way back out and end up going to a pre-party all the way on Orlando and 3rd, actually off of Blackburn via a $20 cab ride. Yes, $20. The cabbie wouldn't shut up about how much we would pay him. We get there and I met a few "new" coworkers (and by new I mean I've seen them around but never officially met them) and had a shot of Jameson & Baileys (is that a Buttery Nipple?!), a Miller Lite, then another shot of just Jameson. Gawd, I was feeling it after all that. Everyone at the pre-party filed out onto the street and two of my coworkers decided we wanted to head back to WeHo. Luckily (strangely?!), we found the same cabbie had come back and was just down the street from where he dropped us off. Another $20 cab ride...

So we get back and head over to Here Lounge because a boy said he'd be there (and I then later found out he wasn't even there yet! *sigh*). So we get in after about a 15-20 minute wait in line and a $5 cover charge. Not bad! So we get some more drinks, I had an Oatmeal Cookie on the rocks the bartender (dressed as Tarzan) ended up comping to my coworker. I guess she "cute"-ed her way to get that one! :P Anyways, so this is where the night gets crazier for me and my coworkers...

Okay fuck...this is gonna have to be a two parter...more tomorrow! It's too fucking late for me right now and I'm plum tuckered out! Until then...


P.S. That initial picture should whet your appetites for the rest of the story to follow...I have no idea what that guy's name was, but he had a gorgeous body and a nice ass to go with it! :D If you look arm trails down...somewhere... Oh and not to mention I spotted another amateur Porn Star!!! (Former according to him...more on that later...)