Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mind Numbing...

See that above?! That, will be screwed onto my head tomorrow whilst I get prepped for my stereotactic radiation (xknife aka radiosurgery). First, an MRI and then I get shots of novacaine to the points that are going to be attached to my head. And then a CAT Scan and another MRI in which they use a frame on top of that ring to be able to make precise calcuations for the delivery of the radiation. Then it's just waiting all day until the actual radiation, which only last 15-20 minutes. Lots of prep work!

The doctor's initially showed me the video this past Tuesday and the part that really made me queasy is when they attached the ring to the man's head. It was just not normal...The last 20% in once shot...then I should be rid of this blasphemous tumor! I wanna thank you all for joining me on this wild ride on this speed bump in my life! There's those of you that I'm really close to that I appreciate you for being there for know who you are! Back after the transformation! ;)


Saturday, March 24, 2007

WWLA 2007 and Me...

The previous weekend (after my wonderful friends M and J had flown out..I still miss them so!), I had the utmost, greatest pleasure in attending Wizard World Los Angeles 2007!

I only was able to attend Saturday and Sunday (March 16th & 17th), but boy, was it worth attending (I'd have to say, there was definitely more goregous eye candy at WWLA, more on this in a bit, than there werer at Comic Con...but then again, I wasn't going guy crazy as badly as I am as of late...:X)!

So to touch on the previous point about some great eye candy...I walked into the Los Angeles Convention Center and from the start there were definitely some great views. There were two guys that initially caught my. Both wearing tight shirts and their biceps popping from under the fabric and their v-shaped frames beautifully silohuetted and tapering down to their blue jeans. Just beautiful! But that was just the beginning!

Through out the weekend there was definitely alot of sights to see. There were more specific incidents, one was when I was interested in buying an item from the proprieter of a booth in the exhibit hall named Danny and my oh my, he was definitely a looker. I struck up a decent convo with him for a few minutes and was definitely enamored by his looks and personalilty. I walked away with my purchase along with a discount code for his website for ordering items and got his name as well! Hehe...:D

Another moment was when my other best friend (I have to tell the short story about him, he reads my blog now too now that he knows about me and he mentioned I had lots to blog about from Wizard World, so thank him that I posted about this particular event :p...from herein we'll call him TOBF) and I were shopping around the exhibit hall floor and walked into a booth. A worker saw us milling around one area and came to talk to us and told us would could check it out and it wasn't just for looking. So I again had initiated a conversation with this guy for a good minute or two...he definitely had some cute eyes! :D

TOBF came to hang out with me for a good chunk of Saturday and that was definitely fun. Now that he knows about my persuasion, he has been great about accepting me and hasn't had any reservations post revelation...but we'll talk about that in another post. I also hung out with my manager from work and his friend on Saturday, while on Sunday his fiancee joined us, much to my definitive delight!

Sunday was definitely fun hang out with said manager, his friend and fiancee. The earlier part of my day was spent waiting for some of the cast from Heroes to show up to sign autographs of which the proceeds went to a great cause, Give a Life. I spent a good chunk of change to get the photo I had with James Kyson Lee aka Ando signed; also which I was able to get a photo of Zachary "Zach" Quinto aka Sylar. Zach was definitely a hottie despite being the most conniving character on the show! Greg Grundberg was also to show but had gotten held up in traffic, then the story changed to a scheduling conflict then to him possible showing up in a small the end a no show. After that, my manager's fiancee and I went to go sing at the Singstar Pop section of the Sony booth. We sang The Reason by Hoobastank, a fave of mine to sing to and I was enjoying my 5 minutes in the spotlight! :D We finished it off and my manager took a bunch of photos of us singing! >_<

The rest of that afternoon was spent milling around the exhibit floor and taking some time out to just sit and chat just outside of the main area. Definitely fun! After that I headed out to catch my 5PM "manssage" at Burke Williams in Sherman Oaks. A much needed and delayed massage! My massuer Eddie did an amazing job (I disclosed the fact that I just had a brain surgery) and he even did a pressure point massage which was totally relaxing...It was AMAZING! I will definitely go back to him next time around! After that I just went and bought some groceries. Unfortunately Sunday evening ended up just been status quo. All in all, a great weekend! :)


P.S. Next up, the story of TOBF and a few other things on my mind...How is everyone else doing? I hope I'm not boring all of you with my poor writing skills as of late...Lately I've been in the mood of just recollecting my thoughts as I had mentioned previously. Soon enough, I will be propositioning you all to responses to some self reflection I've had as of late...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The horrible turned awesome weekend (and week)!

I know I've been really horrible about blogging lately and well, I don't want to blog about things that happen immediately but I wanna relish in the events that have transpired instead. Gives me time to mull it all over and feel good about the events!

So the other week, as I mentioned an awesome blog reader/friend and his family had come to visit. To be respectful to him and his family, the names of the innocent have been altered (to only their initials, so I hope he doesn't incriminate himself...heh)! ;)

M and I have been in discussion for a while about his family's vacation and by mid-February or so, he and the family had finally decided to make it out to California. And with that, I was definitely excited for them to come out to California (he knew too, cause I just wouldn't shut up about it for the longest time! haha...sorry M! :D). We talked on and off here and there about all the details but nothing really set in stone at the time.

Fast forward to last Saturday (how's that work since it's the past?! heh). I had originally had my day all planned out: Spa for a massage at 2pm and then meet up with M and his family in the evening if they were up to it. But it was just tempting the fates at that point (especially since M's flight was questionable if it were going to leave the tarmac in Chicago for their connecting flight over to California). I attempt to take a shower before my massage (I know this sounds weird, no?) but I was taken aback as my tub was filled with some unknown caked up filth. It had smelled up the bathroom but I figured it was coming from somewhere outside as the bathroom window was open. So to keep this memory that I wish to have stricken from my mind: Call apartment manager; find out he's a real douche bag; cancel massage and reschedule for Sunday; on-call maintainence comes to check the tub; on-call says he can't handle it; call apartment manager again; he continues to be a major douche bag; wait a little over 2 hours for the plumbers to show (manager originally called my case an "emergency" because I couldn't use my shower...2 hours to get a plumber out?! Emergency my ass!!!). So by the time this is all said and done (M and I had convos about meeting up at City Walk) they had tired of City Walk and from traveling, in general.

Come Sunday, M and family had finished up Universal Studios in a day so we planned to meet up and I would take them sight seeing and dinner. Picked them up and took them around Hollywood and Highland to see the managerie that we call Hollywood Blvd. Toured them around the area and took them to an awesome Thai restaurant, Palms Thai, known for their Thai Elvis (which we luckily got to catch him in the act, for at least 2 or 3 songs until he resigned and we got moved away from near the stage). After the scrumptious meal, I continued to tour them around the area to Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Strip and all the places in between (also managed to point out the comedy club at which I was majorly traumatized; see post here). Took M and his family back to their hotel. It was great meeting M and J (his partner) and their son T and T's girlfriend A (oh...just saw a bad joke right can figure it out if you like...)! Fun times, fondant and cream puffs (with no refridgeration...hehehe)!!!

Throughout the week, we kept in contact trying to plan for either another meet up on Thursday or Friday. But I was a bit hastey, in the sense that M was unusually good about keeping a consistent line of communication. In this case, I had texted M to check up on them and in my paranoia (I worry about my friends...what can I say...and them driving around LA or LA not being the safest place in general) I had been truly worried about them. But M put my fears to rest...I was definitely embarassed by my overtly concernedness (is that even a word?!). I meant well! :T

M and I had ironed out plans eventually for Friday. Left (read: ditched) work early and headed down to LAX to meet up with M and J for some dinner (and some great conversation...more on this in a bit). (Aside: I had mentioned to M that when I was hanging out with him and J, I had felt normal for once while around them...which is great and I have to thank them again profusely for it!) We also grabbed some dessert at The Cheesecake Factory over in Marina Del Rey. Definitely some scrumptious desserts (they had a new cheesecake flavor, Pineapple Upside Down Cheesecake...To die for!!!) and unfortunately, some ditzy, cooky lady nearly (nearly!!!) ruined the evening as her car precariously drifted down the hill towards my car. Thank lord for horns on cars! :D After desserts, took M and J back to their hotel as they had an early flight and gave them hugs (definitely love getting hugged! :D) and drove home.

So...of the two opportunities I had to hang out with a dear blog reader/friend, I definitely enjoyed myself and I hope they did as well (they said they did! :D)! Uncannily enough, I miss M and J already even though they've only gone for a few days. But call me a sentimental fool...I get attached easy, but when you're as amazing as M and J are, it's hard not to miss them! :T But here's to some amazing friendship I will continue to have with M and J. I love you both! :D


P.S. M is going to read this and snicker/grin at me...I know it! ;) Thanks again for everything all means more to me than I'm really letting on or am telling you... And apologies for being verbose...detailed (to a point) for posterity! Next up...Wizard World LA 2007, Part 01 and 02!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Being at a comedy club in the middle of the night: not so funny...

So the ordeal I had mentioned in the previous post...

Was in attendance at a company sponsored event last Tuesday where we had an open bar and of course everyone got their drink on (except for me due to my condition, drinking is NOT as fun as it used to be). And well, one of my good friends I've known since college and works at the same company got a bit too faded for his own good. So another coworker and I asked him to give up his keys and I would drive him home and would crash at his place on his couch (I had packed clothes because we were to stay at the hotel our company's sales conference was occurring at).

Me thinking I'd be a really good friend and drive a drunken friend home, turned for the worse. The last chartered bus to take people back to the hotel finally pulled in. In some lurid decision said good friend got onto the bus. I tried to lure/coax him off the bus but to no avail so I got off thinking I'd get a sober answer from him over the phone so I could find his car and drive it to the hotel. Boy, was I wrong!!!

I make my way down the dark street and call the said good friend in an attempt to figure out where it is. I continue down the street with my work backpack with my laptop and my duffel full of clothes; I then realize he was sending me on a wild goose chase. He gives me the street details and I'm starting to get fed up because it wasn't adding up. I hang up in angst and call BFoR's sister for assistance. Thank God she picked up! *hugs* She directs me over the phone and we kinda get an idea where I'm at in relation to said good friend's car (*side note: I mapped it out the day after to find it was 6 blocks away from the comedy club, nearly 1 mile away in a not so good part of Hollywood/Los Angeles). I call him back definitely angry and cursing like a sailor. I finally had it with him and made my way back to the comedy club.

During my dissent, hell bent to make said good friend pay for his lack of inhibition, the door guard hailed a cab for me (thank God!) and lucky me I only had $10 in my wallet, but then realized I had a $5 I had saved to donate to a good cause (another story on that later); so with $15 in total, luckily, was enough to get me to the hotel. I arrive at the hotel and said good friend is outside on the curb awaiting my arrival. I get out of the cab and he chases after me into the hotel (I am annoyed beyond belief at this point and ignoring him like he had never existed). I proceed to check in and he tried to get the front desk to take his credit card to pay for the hotel room, but lucky for me I know the system (since his name wasn't on the reservation they can't take his card) and my other coworker had checked into the room already and had put down his card for the room charge and incidentals. I throw his keys onto the counter and I hastily make my way to the hotel elevators and he gives up his chase.

He apologized that night, but I had every right to continue to be mad. The next day, the last day of the sales conference, I'm outside in the foyer working on a RFP for an agency and he comes over to apologize again; I sat there holding myself back from crying in frustration and disappointment; as well as ignoring him like the dickens.

So in the end, I felt like a schmuck (even though I hadn't done anything wrong) and texted said good friend to apologize for my behavior and said can you blame me for being mad. He agreed that he deserved it. I asked him to dinner the next day after cause I've known this fool for 9 years now and I still remember what his ex-girlfriend had said to me a long time ago. "He doesn't just become friends with anyone, you're one of the lucky few." Or something to that effect; but I highly respect him and look up to him somewhat, especially when I used to play taiko (see here). But now we're back on good terms. I am definitely too nice...

One thing some people barely understand about me, is that I am a fierce friend; I will back you up whether you are right or wrong, regardless. If I call you my friend expect nothing but the best treatment; I will definitely drop things and put you ahead of myself, without thinking twice about it. My friendships mean alot to me and there's definitely people I've told that I would die for them no doubt. My friendship is blind, loving and non-judgemental. But cross me; I am as fierce, if not worse, at being pissed off and being evil. And it's hard to cross me...

Okay, honestly I'm not as bad as I make it sound in this entry. There's a good handful of you out there that can attest that I'm the most easy going, friendliest, open, understanding person that you'd ever meet...but obviously, I have some expectations of my friends in return. I'm not asking for too much am I?!


P.S. Gotta post next about my dreadful turned awesome weekend next...Highlight of the weekend was hanging out with an awesome blogger reader/friend who's here in So Cal visiting for the week. He (and his partner and family) is/are AWESOME!!! :D

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

He's My Hero(es)...

Meet my new boyfriend, James Kyson Lee aka Ando from the hit NBC Television series Heroes!

Would have loved to completely wrap him in my arms! *drools* haha...I also met Horatio Sanz, but he's not as hot, but definitely funny!

Speaking of anti-heroes, Avril Lavigne's coming out with her new album, The Best Damn Thing, and with a smart marketing move she has recorded seven versions of her song (just the chorus has changed in each):


You have to see the video, it's great! And if I had a chance with Avril (she's married!) she could turn me completely straight as she's looking pretty bangin' in this video! I also have it for listening on the sidebar on the right in the Ear Candy section (in English) for you all to sample. Enjoy! :D


P.S. I have to tell you all my ordeal from the other night while out partying at an event during my company's sales conference...OY!!! >_<