Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rehab, Part 01...

As of Monday, January 22nd, I commenced my whirldwind of physical therapy sessions. Debbie's my physical therapist and is really great and chipper at diagnosing/remedying my symptoms. It's great! She knew how I felt and what I'm doing through and understands the difficulties in my uneasiness in performing certain tasks we all take advantage of like walking, going up stairs, handling slanted services. It felt good to have gone and having someone know EXACTLY how things are with me physically and mentally. She gave me about (5) exercises to do at home (one includes smiling in the mirror, I'll explain why soon).

Today, January 24th was my second session. Did alot of walking exercises in the clinic and then I got accosted in the vestibular machine made by Neurocom, which had moving walls and a standing plate that dipped/jerked forward, backward, left and right. It was quite evil! Worse more so when your eyes are closed. But according to my test results, I'm pretty good as far as my balance and such, it's just that the unassuredness is what's causing me the slight hold back and Debbie said that's something we can definitely work on. And also a precursor to getting me back to 100% before I go back to work on February 14th, she beefed up my PT appointments. Have some sessions with a guy named Todd...I wonder if he's hot? We'll find out Friday! I wouldn't mind falling into his arms, if he's hot...;)

That's all for now...hope you are all doing well...shout out to DB of A Procrastinating Wolverine as he's been under the weather...hope you're feeling better soon mate! :D


P.S. Still waiting for Devil's Advocate to get in contact with me (you can email me at 1rst.impression at [change at to the symbol] or AIM f1rstimpre55ion)...Hi Devil's Advocate! ;) Thanks! :D


DB said...

Awww fI, you're so good to me. Devil's Advocate popped up on my blog too. I think we should start randomly guessing people who it could be. I"m guessing Kevin Bacon (for no other reason than he was the first person to come to mind).

Anonymous said...

Hey FL, glad you found a therapist that is so in tune with your needs!

Your positive approach to this journey remains an inspiration. Please keep sharing your story.
...and all the best with cute boy on Friday :D

Cheers, Paul