Monday, October 29, 2007

I've got a case of the J's...

So I apparently have too many boys I'm into that have their name start with the letter J.

First there's J1, whom, I can proudly say, I am able to be friends with. After having met him at speed dating in the beginning of August, I started chatting him up over AIM in the beginning of October. He was straightforward with me and said that he'd be okay with us being friends. At first it was a bit hard to do so, but I finally got over the attraction. We hung out at the mall, chat online alot of the time during work hours and I've hung out at his place. Right now, I feel we're in a really good place as far as our friendship; it's burgeoning to be a long lasting friendship.

Then there's J2, whom I also met at speed dating, but he's playing so many damn games! He has social ADD as I have experienced when I decided to go out with him and his friends the other Saturday evening. Long story short, after having danced somewhat intimately with him, he asks me if I like him. I nod in agreement and he follows with, "only as friends, right?" BURN!!! So then we exit the club without his friends (a guy and a girl) and he says to me that he's seeing the guy we left behind with his friends. DOUBLE BURN!!! UGH...the next day I was quite annoyed with the games J2 played, so I was quite curt with him that Sunday morning. Hanging out with J2 three days in a row was a REALLY bad idea.

And finally J3, randomly sought him out on facebook. How shallow, I know. But he's completely gorgeous albeit a cynic. I've fallen in love with his musical taste (as per his playlist on his myspace) and I enjoy our conversations. Although he's miles away, I'm hoping that when he gets back in town, he'll be open to grabbing something to eat or drink to just get to talking. He says he's a bad boy friend, reason being that he's all about pleasing himself and not particularly caring about the person he's with. Also taht he hates explaining himself more than once. He continues to say he's a jerk, but I feel it's a wall he's built up and I'm quite enamored by him, physically and mentally. Hopefully, in due time, we'll see where it goes...

Okay so next topic on the list is talking about the
So Cal Social Club mixer #2 for was actually a really great time this time around. REALLY great time...


I completely forgot...

But my 1 year anniversary of blogging had passed! And alot has happened since. A LOT! Those of you who have been reading since the beginning, thank you! And for those of you who are new, thanks for checking my blog out!

At this point, I'll keep this short. So please don't be a stranger and leave comments if you have yet to. And if you have been commenting, keep at it. I love getting taunted by you all! :D

Well that's it for now...more posts...since I'm behind on blogging...and for good reason!


Thursday, October 25, 2007


OMG, I cracked up at work last night when I made the following...

(Click for full effect!!!)

Guess we know what I'm not dressing up as for :P

Make your own at!!!


Saturday, October 20, 2007

I'm Seeing Stars...

(click for hi-res)

...Porn Stars, that is!

Again!!! Can you imagine?! So this time it was at The Grove in Los Angeles! I mean, this guy is hot and of course I noticed him! His body is insane (the t-shirt hugged every rippled muscle on his body)!!!

Okay, let's cut to the's the picture I snapped from my phone:

(Hi-res here)

I circled him in the picture. His name is Riley (this link and the following links are NSFW!!!) and you can find him on the following sites:,, (where he does lives shows). More pictures of him:

(Hi-res here)

Okay...with that said, I've spotted two amateur porn stars in the past two weeks. Does that say something about me?!...


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let down...

/Start Soapbox thing I am quite annoyed about at the moment is when people cancel at the last minute, the day of when you made plans.

It fuckin' sucks!!! >:O

After being cancelled on all week by various parties, I've kinda had it up to here *holds hand way past above head*

I'm just sick and tired of it this week...go away everyone!!! Get the fuck away from me!

/End Soapbox

With that off my chest, some interesting developments as of late. The Crush, is totally definitely in friend territory, only. Found out that his boy toy of 19 years old, he met/hooked up with the same weekend I had started talking to him since I last had a run in with him in the beginning of August. What I find interesting is what he said last Saturday while we were shopping together (he came up to the valley to hang out). He said "I need to date someone my own age." Why? "Because then that person would have their own money." To which I was pleasantly surprised (but it was more like a "DUH!", if anything)! And he had said earlier that morning in a text that the boy was showing his age. Um...hello! He's 19 years old, yes he's going to show his age! (Mind you, The Crush is 26...or as he likes to say, "Just turned 26," like it matters *rolls eyes*). Anyways, I thought I was getting over him on Saturday, but then when he came to hang out, I unfortunately let my guard down and started to fall for him again. FUCK ME...right?! And I'm admitting this cause, I don't think I can be friends with him much longer as its kind of difficult for me. I wear my heart on my sleeve as some of you may know and I get hurt easy. Pretty pathetic, huh?

I've tried to occupy my time with trying to find more potential suitors, but alas my luck is non existenent...

Anyways I digress...I still have to talk about the now annoying "non-date" the other week. So cliff notes version (cause I'm honestly running out of patience to tell the story in whole):

Guy from So Cal Social Club calls and asks to set a day and time to hang out >> strange questions and situations (e.g. like him bringing his laptop with him) make me wonder >> get to said hang out day and location and have normal conversation over dinner >> turns out he was just using me to try to get me into his pyramid scheme!!!

ASSHOLE!!! For those of you outside of the US, click on the link for info. Anyways...over him...I'll be cordial if I run into him at the next mixer, but I will not EVER hang out with him EVER again. NEVER EVER!!!

Anyways...I should probably sleep. I'm one big bitch right now and even me blogging is making me cranky. Alright you to you later...g'nite!


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Only in the valley...

As some of you may or may not know, I live in the valley, or it's other moniker is that it is the porn capital of the world (not sure if that still stands in this day and age). Anyway, I have a point for this post.

Yesterday afternoon, I was at Costco to pick up a perscription for some medicine and got back to my car. Sure, normal; yes. I pulled out of my spot and start to make my way out to the exit to meet up with my The Crush (story on that later). I start to pass this blue car, I think it was a Honda Civic and noticed the guy...he looked really familiar. As I continue to fixate my gaze on this guy who had the most handsome features I begin to realize I have seen him before...he's a gay porn star!!! I unfortunately did not snap a picture of him while he was on the phone in his car, but if I'm right, this is him:

Johnny Castle (Brock), himself!!! I swear it was him! I'm really, really good (and notorious) for picking out famous people or what have you out in public and I swear I saw him! Those same features and scruffy jaw line, I swear it was him. He is HOT!!! Maybe I should have gone back and parked and followed him into the store for confirmation...but, alas I had to get to the mall to meet with The Crush...


Saturday, October 13, 2007

When Blogger Worlds Collide...

So to recap the last week or so, starting from last Friday...

Last Friday my best friend from HS and her fiance came up to WeHo to hang out. Oh but before that, my coworkers and I hit up Kiehls to redeem my certificate. See the damage here:

Then it was off to The Abbey for dinner at 7PM or so. The food at The Abbey was amazing (although they needed to superheat the soup a bit more) and not to mention the Key Lime Martini and Mango Mojito I had. Then we proceeded to waltz on over to Rage to see if we could get our wristbands for the night; no bueno in the first five minutes, but the security guard came around and we ordeded up a Mind Eraser (for me), a B-52 for my friend and a Chocolate Cake shot for the fiance. So we meandered back down the street to one of the many yogurt shops on Santa Monica Blvd. We split a cup of the plain with mochi (which was slightly awful, but I got the job to eat it all), cap'n crunch and strawberries. Yum! We then made our way back to The Abbey to see if the bartender (I can now say I know), Luciano. Found him and proceeded with an Irish Car Bomb and then a Chocholate Cake shot after. Then we headed over to Fiesta Cantina to see if any of the waiters I knew were working, but no bueno again. That was until we were about to head out and ran into Jesse, my now most favorite waiter ever! (Story to come as to why) We finally make our way back to Rage and dance the next few hours away while some other friends make their way over to WeHo. Eventually we call it a night as my other friends finally make it to Rage and I say our brief hello's and even briefier goodbye's. I suggested in our leave we hit up Fiesta Cantina for one last hurrah for the evening. We make our way in and up to find Jesse and we luckily find a seat in his station. We only end up ordering a Sprite (me) and Jesse comps the drink. So I tipped him a fiver and said my goodbye to him and got a kiss on the cheek from him! *gasp* :D Granted, Jesse's a friendly guy and is very flirtatious. I haven't known him for all too long, but I have to say I'm developing a crush on him! I did post a picture of him previously, so feel free to go find it! :D

So Saturday rolls around and I make my way way down to Disneyland for Gay Days. Rather than being long winded about this day, I spent it with BoFL and other friends from college and such. Also caught the Aladdin stage show again over at California Adventures. Then I got a phone call after the show from none other than Drew from
Superdrewby. More on this when I talk about Sunday. I called it a night when we were about to grab dinner and ate at my parents place.

And Sunday, was amazing despite some hiccups. So I finally got the opportunity to meet one of my favorite bloggers in the world, Drew of
Superdrewby!!! He's already blogged about meeting here, but now it's my turn! I was looking forward to finally meeting Drew (and his partner Lee) at the Harbor House Cafe in Huntington Beach. But on the way, I got a phone call from my aunt saying that my mom locked herself out the house. I was nearly there when I got the phone call and I begrudgingly headed back home. I finally made my way back to Harbor House and walk into the cafe with Drew and Lee greeting me. I was elated to have finally met them both and enjoyed our conversation about various things. Definitely enjoyed chit chatting as they ate their lunch. Unfortunately our time was short as they had to make their way back up to LA to pick up their luggage and head to the airport in time for their flight that evening. But before they headed out we snapped a few pics and here's one:

The rest of Sunday I spent at a going away party for a friend from HS and his gf who are heading to NY for a job and a change of pace for them.

So that's all for now...I gotta blog about this week's events like seeing Avenue Q on Tuesday, the "non-date" on Wednesday and having lunch with my crush I met at speed dating a few months back on Friday...

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! :D


Thursday, October 11, 2007


Happy National Coming Out Day! (Click for stories from various age groups...)

I soo need to blog about this past weekend and about yesterday's "non-date."

Tonight...I swear!!! :D