Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First Brush...

"He sits there watching a foreign movie with his mother.

She asks him to cover his eyes during a scene in the movie.

He peeks slightly, of course, in curiosity as to what he wasn't supposed to see...

A man and a woman having sex, he later realized.

Immediately, his attention is focused on the man...his beautiful body, glistening with every motion.

He didn't catch much of the rest of the movie as it was past his bed time and fell asleep in his mother's lap.

Later during that week, he is home alone and finds that same movie to rewatch. He speeds through the film to find that same, exact scene and rewatches it. He begins to fantisize about the man in the movie. Again, that beautiful, glistening body capturing his full and complete attention. Beautiful.

Just beautiful.

He never thought anything wrong about his admiration for the beautiful man. Not then..."


1 comment:

The Accidental Activist said...

Not then... and not now.

You just described every film I ever watched with naked male torsos in from about the age of 12. And you wrote it really beautifully.

What was the film?