Sunday, November 26, 2006

Second Brush...

"The Sunday paper was always interesting, for several different reasons.

For the Sunday funnies that always managed to get a chuckle out of him.

Then there were the Sunday ads for the various department stores...JC Penny, Mervyn's, Target...

Target always seem to have a revealing display of men's undergarmet ads.

Beautiful, toned and tanned men with their gorgeous ripped abs framed by various undergarments on sale for the week.

It was always 'inspired' him to want to look like these men. Their biceps, triceps, chest...and a part of men you don't always see...Their abs.

In various sizes, sometimes six and sometimes eight; but always something to marvel at.

And another bonus, varying densities of their treasure trails.

Also not to mention the varying sizes of the buldges that their undergarments contained.

He had an amazing imagination. So it wasn't too hard for him to imagine these men completely undressed or comparing his size to theirs...

He collected these images, carefully cutting out every man and pasting it to a piece of cardboard so that he can collect them every weekend, imagining and marveling for as long as he wanted..."


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