Sunday, June 17, 2007

When the cat's away...

Well, I have definitely been lacksadasical (sp?) about posting to my blog lately and for good reason!

I've just been having waaay too much fun living it up and enjoying my life. It's like I got my second wind and I'm taking full advantage of it!

The other weekend I attended the West Coast Altarholics Appreciation Day (which I helped coordinate)! It was tons of fun hanging out with fellow fans of the off-Broadway hit Altar Boyz. We first hit up Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure; then in the evening caught the musical All Shook Up, which starred former Altar Boyz alum James Royce Edwards (OMG he's a HOTTIE!!!) and Dennis Moench (he's adorable!!!). We also got to see some of the other Boyz from the regional production I mentioned a few posts before, Danny Calvert and Dan Pacheco (he plays Aladdin in the Aladdin Experience at Disney's California Adventures, although he's on hiatus at the moment, which I'll explain). Danny and Dan are going to be starring in a production called Zanna Don't which starts in July. Should be good!

Then that following Monday, I also caught Dan (and Danny as well, they're roommates...ahem) in Fractured Broadway 2, a fundraiser for the Valley Musical Theatre at the El Portal in North Hollywood (or NoHo for the locals). Definitely hilarious show! With some big names in attendance like Bruce Vilanch and Kristoffer Cusik who plays Fyero in the LA production of Wicked (he looks sooo hot in his horse riding pants he wears in the show...nice bubble butt! :D).

I continued the fun this weekend with attending BFoL's graduation. It was great to see him walk (although he reminds me that yes he may have graduated but he still has summer school...whatever! haha)! After that hung out with the Fag Hag at South Coast Plaza. There was an unusually high concentration of 'mos out and definitely lots of eye candy (there was one in particular while we were at the CPK Express...hello nurse!)! It was great hanging out with the hag as usual! Thanks ho! ;)

After hanging out with her, I headed out to dinner with my lil bro from my fraternity during college. I rekindled our relationship as we weren't really on the best of terms but we talked; I had decided earlier on this year that I would fix things from my past if I knew I could and this is one of those things. So I met him at and his place and he looked cuter than I last remembered seeing him. The handsome devil lost weight! (On a side: note I joked with TOBF that I would seduce my little...I found out he's my delight! :D) Homeboy is sexy and he doesn't even know it! *sigh* Anyways, we headed out to Downtown Disney and had dinner at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen! Definitely good eats! I'd show you his picture, but in all fairness, none of you have seen my least not those of you who I don't have in my inner circle; and you know who you are! :D Unfortunately, he deflected me for catching a movie to go work ona project for his work portfolio).

I then proceeded to hang out with the new couple (I mentioned their wedding previously as well). Actually, they napped while I prepped their wedding gift (which worked to my advantage). Their dog was a pain in the ass, luckily the little bastard listens to me when I tell him to sit and go down and such. He's cute but he's too rambunctious! :p Anyways chilled at their place, went with them so they could grab dinner and played some Wii before I headed out to hang out with BFoR and mutual friend at BFoR's parent's place. They were busy playing World of Warcraft (ugh I hate that game) and I just hung out until we all got kinda hungry and got some tacos. Unfortunately, as we got back, mutual friend decided to spill the tacos in the back of my car! Oy! We cleaned that the time we got back it was nearly 4AM...I end up crashing at BFoR's for a few hours and headed home at 9AM.

Got back to my parent's place and tried to get my ass to the gym at a timely manner. After getting back to the gym tried to clean up Mutual Friend's mess that he made in my car and napped a bit. Headed out with parents to do a joing birthday dinner for my mom and Father's Day. I don't know what my parents were smoking but they wanted to eat at Red Lobster. No offense to anyone, but if you know Red Lobster, it's ghetto. G-H-E-T-T-O! Luckily the hour and fifteen minute wait dissuaded them and we headed out elsewhere. We ended up at CPK at the Cerritos Mall. Luckily only a 15 minute wait. And that's where our luck stopped. Worst service EVER! And I mean the WORST!!! Guy forgets my drink, didn't put in my pizza order and gave me the wrong size salad. I just had to let the inner diva come out and complain to the manager. Got one of my parent's dishes comped and the manager ended up giving me a comp entree and drink coupon. Yah the waiter might have been cute, but that's where the pronouns ended.

Now I'm here wittling away at your eyeballs. I'm not even sure if anyone read's my blog still, but for those of you that do, thank you. Hope you all have a great week, cause I know I WILL!!! :D


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