Monday, July 09, 2007

So Many People To Do and So Many Places To See...

J/K...I wish that were true...well, the "People To Do" part at least.

So in the last few weeks I have been totally going out (pun intended) of my way to be out in the scene.

I live in the valley (for those of you outside of the US, that's the Northern part of Southern California), which is about 20-30 mins North of LA, specifically, West Hollywood, the mecca of So Cal for us Mo's here.

I know I've mentioned I have popped my gay clubbing cherry already, but I took it to the next level. With The Twins (who self proclaimed calling themselves Fag Hags now) we hit up Hamburger Mary's late June. Some of you may be familiar with this place but it's a gay restuarant and it's absolutely fabulous! haha Our waiter was awesome (after one twin asked how the Mac & Cheese Balls were, he replied "They're nice and gooey! I like my balls cheesey!" We were in stitches at that point) and he even got me a double shot in my margarita (which was a surprise to me cause I didn't realize and the twins were like yah he said it was a double shot).
We then proceeded to check out a bar down the street called "Gold Coast" (which was more like "OLD" Coast) and grabbed a drink while we got sassed by some patrons of the bar on the street, with one twin getting lip about her boots (and not in a positive way mind you). We then headed out to The Abbey. That place is awesome, let me tell you! So me being the gym rat, I had managed to forget my ID in my gym bag that night. But lucky me! I told the security guard I had forgotten my ID and seeing my lament, he looked at me (with his gorgeous eyes) and just asked me what my birthdate was, and let me in. SCORE!!! OMG! I was so happy he let me in. Not to mention I didn't realize it but he was a totally hottie! So after chatting it up with the twins we decided to call it a night and headed back out to find said security guard so we could take a photo. But no luck, as I didn't want to ask him out right (he probably gets it all the time). Oh well!

That evening set a precedent in the next few weeks.

So in the last few weeks I've ended up telling about another 4 people or so, one of them being a friend from HS whom I've known for next to 13 years now. She did find it a bit shocking but was totally cool about it. Not to mention she stated, "Now we can check out the hot white guys!" (despite having a boyfriend already, hah!) I <3>

And in the previous weekend I help manage the registration department for this large convention in Long Beach with about 40,000 attendees (projected) and man that was insane! Luckily for me, BFoR, BFoR's sister, BFoL, ToBF were there to keep me sane! And not to mention this hot boy name Shaun who was a volunteer for the convention. He was totally hot (despite being underage)! And so a story for this goregeous specimen of hotness:

I spotted him working across the way and I was telling BFoR how I was totally enamored by this hot volunteer. BFoR being the awesome friend he was managed to snap some pics of said boy with his digital SLR (which I still need to get from him!). And I was trying to figure out a way to get his name, cause he had no name tag. And then I had an epiphany! I got very courageous and went over and started chit chatting with everyone in his area. Then I zeroed in on him, "Actually, we need someone to help queue this line...what was your name?" "Shaun." "Nice to meet you Shaun! Do you mind if I pull you from here and put you over there *pointing to the line*." "Sure." SCORE! Got his name and even managed to put my hand on his back. Yes, I'm suave! hahaha So this whole time I'm oogling him and since he was directly across from a friend's station I kept visiting her so I could talk about him and get eyefuls.

Next up, was the manager at the Chili's store. He caught my eye immediately! He had some nice pants on that definitely showed off his ass-ets. ;) BFoR's sister was in tow and well, she knew I was feenin' on the manager, so she made it her crusade to get me his picture, under the guise that he looked like one of her friends. He told her he would come to our table when he had a moment. A good moment had passed and well he never made it to our table, so up she went and found him and snapped a photo of him for me. Thanks BFoR's sister! I <3>

Anyways, 4th of July was uneventful in the sense it was spent indoors cooking with NY Friend's GF (who I must say is a fucking awesome ass chef) but with the most delish food ever! She promised to teach me how to cook risotto when I go to NY end of August. I can't wait! :D

This past Saturday I hung out with the Twins again (I <3>Akbar in Silverlake, but again this gym rat forgot his ID in his gym bag, and this time no luck with the bouncer. ULTIMATE PARTY FOUL!!! The Twins forgave me, but I swear I'm a Party Fouler Extraordinaire (aside from being a Future Home Wrecker)! So after that, we decided to hit up Swingers in LA. This place is open til 4AM and is Mo friendly! :D There was a hot waiter inside that I could totally die for! We spent a good 3 hours there whilst waiting for the Twins' Friend (who's beautiful btw) and hoping for Twins' Other Friend (but he was preoccupied tending to other guys in his car who didn't want to go "far," when they were actually down the way on Hollywood...LAME!) to show up. We racked up a nice bill but I felt madd generous (thank you raise at my job...8.33% baby!). I enjoyed the evening so it was totally worth it!

We then also checked out Elvis' house in the hills (off of Laurel Canyon) before we trekked it back home to my place at 2AM. Good times with the bitches! :D

Okay...that's the last few days/weeks in a nut shell. I am slowly coming to point of not caring who knows about me anymore. Which brings me to another thought, is whether to be completely out in the open (on here) with my picture and name. There are those of you who already know me personally, but I'm done hiding under a guise. I need to decide soon what I want to do about this. I think my addressing my body image by going to the gym has given me tons of confidence and not to mention me looking pretty damn good these days! Maybe you all can judge soon enough...we'll see.

Hope all of you out there in the internet are well...well those one or two of you that do read my blog still...


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Anonymous said...

hihi! i'm so glad you're working hard to look good, not to mention being healthier. ;) if you're into the club scene now, we should go to the exotic erotic ball in SF.. i've been wanting to go, but haven't got the courage yet. lol. have fun! ttyl!! -tj