Friday, August 10, 2007


So today marked the first week of my new job.

As well as a banner day for an ebb and flow of emotions.

This past Wednesday, I got daring and attended a speed dating event in West Hollywood (herein, WeHo). Suffice it to say, it was definitely an interesting time, with definitely a few stand outs in the crowd, in particular 3 guys. And of the 3 guys, 2 had expressed a mutual interest. The funny thing with this speed dating is that in order for you to be matched, both parties have to be in agreement. Yes, makes sense. But what didn't at the time is that those who were seated never got to meet any of the others that were seated so you kinda had to "cruise" the scene, but by that time the venue had music blaring and the lights off, so you couldn't really conduct a coherent conversation. Lucky for me my Fruit Flies (as the Twins have gotten dubbed by their friend) were patiently waiting for me outside of the venue. I took them in to meet one of the guys I took a liking to. Said guy had mentioned he'd be partying in WeHo this Friday, today.

So over the next few days leading to today, Friday, I was quite nervous as I had emailed both the guys that had responded; and yet neither have responded back. So my day was set with anticipation waiting for a response from the one guy who said he'd be partying in WeHo. All day I sat at the edge of my seat waiting for an email, a text or a phone call. It was quite abyssmal on my part to be on bated breath for a response. I get home from work and finally get a text from said guy. I got excited. And with that I set myself up for disappointment. Long story short, I obviously didn't end up going out as I'm sitting here typing this.

So now I have relegated my evening to watching DVD 1 of season 3 of Queer As Folk, wallowing in some Framboise (read: probably the whole bottle) and soon in a bag of Cheetos...What an awesome way to end a craptacular evening...


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Spamouflage said...

Speed dating is a thing of evil. How can you meet someone with all the pressure of a ticking clock? I would never be able to shine in such a little amount of time. I guess I'm a grower. What am I talking about!! Yeesh!