Saturday, November 03, 2007

Halloween + WeHo + Alcohol = Debauchery!!!, Part 02...

So where was I? Oh yah...

It was pretty croweded at Here Lounge that evening, as was everywhere else in WeHo that night!

After our drinks my coworkers and I decided to dance a bit on the dance floor. It was great! The music was really good and my coworkers complimented me on my dancing! *blush* hah...anyways! So we do that for a bit, then we wandered out into the patio to see if I could find my said boy (I'll have to decide if I want to say his real name and such as the other day he sent out a mass mailing that he was featured in a publication. And he's not really mine per se...). No luck there. The girls then decided they needed to use the restroom. So I milled around by myself a bit and in the process: one guy talked to me about my costume (that he was that two years in a row starting from last year...he was cute! Why didn't I talk to him more? I dunno), got gropped once by some guy dressed in some military fatigues (I couldn't tell if he was cute or not as he had a ton of face makeup on and it was dark, and I had breezed past him), and not to mention oogling all the shirtless guys all over the place (see previous post and slideshow at the end of this entry).

It's a good while that I'm milling around alone and then said boy finally arrives with his friends and roomie that I met at the mixer (I still need to talk about that night). Give him and his roomie a hug and they proceeded to the restrooms (what is my life!). So I wait around near the restrooms to no avail and then wandered my way back out to the patio to find my coworkers after growing tired of waiting. Oh and in between waiting I recognized my THIRD amatuer Porn Star!!! His name is Miguel/Nick (or so I read as he named himself when posing for Playgirl). Here's some photos of him:

So my coworkers and I are sitting in the corner admiring the boys and in particular the one dressed as Wolverine (again, see previous post and slideshow). We gropped him in the ass as well as his friend (?) whom we saw him make out with a bit shortly afterwards. Then my coworkers started chatting with two guys, David (a PHD candidate at UCLA) and Joey (a Masters candidate at UCLA as well, whom David tells us was his ex). Joey had a really nice body (as you can see in the slideshow) and David wasn't afraid of pulling up Joey's shirt and feeling him (neither was I). I gave Joey my business card much to the chagrin of my coworker. So we chatted them up for a while and I decided to leave the crazy of Here Lounge to the uber crazy of Santa Monica Blvd.

I then met up with another friend who has a striking resemblence to Katherine McPhee (runner up of American Idol Season 5, I think) and her friend who was dressed up as the Morton Salt girl. We meandered down the street to try a few bars like Fiesta Cantina (which was too crowded) and EastWest (which we ended up not going into after having been in line for 10 minutes...we were nearly to the door). Instead we opted to head back to my office to try to grab someting to eat at Swingers or Mel's Diner. So we walk back the 4 blocks to the office (blocks meaning lights, so it was more than 4 blocks) but by the time we got there I was plum tuckered out and the girls could see it in my body language despite my saying I was okay. So we called it a night. I drove them back to their car and my beaten body back to my apartment in the valley.

All in all, a fun night, albeit over the top crazy. Too crazy...maybe even for me...but never say never, right? Enjoy the photos below...Still need to recap the mixer I went to a few weeks back before the next one on November 21st and also a nice dinner I had with a good friend last night at The Abbey...

Slideshow of my censored photos (those of which don't include frontal shots of people I know)


P.S. Props to Matt of Debriefing the Boys for spotting me out and about on Wednesday...Quite the elusive guy he is! :D


francoism said...

I like LA all of a sudden. You meet the coolest people.

Bobby Vanquish said...

I don't know if this ability of yours to spot porn stars in the crowd is amazing / bizarre. I'm still trying to work out which...!