Saturday, December 22, 2007

Only in Los Angeles...

Okay, so today, I had left work early and was out shopping with my buddy J#1 at H&M at the Beverly Center.

So we walk in and I'm milling around looking at the square cut boxers along the back wall next to the dressing room. As I'm admiring the wall and looking at all the pairs of undies, this guy walks up, brownish red hair, chiseled features and ripped body. I, of course, start staring at him. As I get a closer look, I realize who it is.
Brent Corrigan!!! THE Brent Corrigan!!! I walked over to my friend and I was like "I just another porn star. Third one so far!" And he was like, "Well that's pretty sad you recognize him." Jerk haha...I love him for his sarcasm! I shrugged him off and I was like I'm going to go ask him if its him.

So I trailed around to the other side of the men's section and find him trying on some red sunglasses. I hesistate a little and then I approach him, "Are you Brent Corrigan, [mumbled] David Lockhart?" (I know I fucked up, his real name is Sean Lockhart.) "Um, sometimes..." "Oh I thought I recognized you." As I proceed to walk away he says to me, "What's your name?" "Bry[an], nice to meet you." "Nice meeting you too." Awkward. More so for him than myself as I obviously didn't give a flying fuck at the moment, but after that I left him alone. After he shook my hand I noticed his friend that was with him smirked. Bet he was surprised I recognized him!

Anyways, for your viewing pleasure...

More photos here.

Apparently, I watch too much porn according to J#1; but in reality I'm just really, really good at recognizing faces.

That is all for now...Sadly, it seems I can whittle out posts like these in an instant, but can't bring myself to blog about my parents confronting me and me coming out to them...christ! I will find some time this weekend!!! I swear!!! :(



Grant said...

Please update your links to Brent Corrigan to his new website and blog.

Grant (Brent's Grant)

Superdrewby said...

how funny, i think he is a little hotty, even used to have lots of pics of him on the blog....

moind you the ongoing squabbles, legal cases etc are fascinating ......

BTW I love the Beverly Center I am so jealous!

W said...'re good at recognising faces. Right! jk.

It's awesome that you used the word whittle in your post. Nice stumbling upon your blog. Do tell about the folks and such.

eliot said...

he is so damn hot. and a comment from grant to boot:)