Sunday, February 03, 2008

The "R" word...

So I am befuddled...

Why is the word "Relationship" such an off putting topic?!

Seems like alot of the guys out here in LA are so put off with being monogamous and just want to literally fuck around all time. I don't get it! It's like no one wants to be in a relationship; and yet those do, want to take their time. Fine, I understand you gotta make sure you two are compatible, appreciate each other's time and what have you. Granted, there are those who are scared about committing. That really bothers me...

Case in point. So, DM and I had entertained his idea of grabbing dinner at
Mark's Restaurant a few Mondays ago. So he finally gets back to me and confirms he can do it. So then I was like great it's a dinner date. Which did not set well with him. He stated that it's not a date cause we're not dating. He knows I like him, but before he stated we're just friends for now. Okay, I accept that. But honestly a dinner date, does not mean we're dating. It's just that, a dinner date. It doesn't entail anything other than us having dinner. I didn't get what the big deal was.

Rebuttle. Then we hung out last weekend, caught a free screening on the movie lot (it was horrible!!! Don't ever see Meet the NOT worth it! Thankfully saw it for free! :P) then had dinner at
Sonora Cafe. Which was a great place BTW! :D Anyways, so we got there early for our reservation and we go and have some drinks at the bar until our table was called. He tells me about a date he had with this younger guy from the CL ad he put up. He called that a date?! Um...okay...why won't he let me validate our times hanging out as dates?! Am I missing something here?!

Furthermore, I asked him out for Valentine's Day. I didn't call it a date in fear of labeling it would put him off from the whole idea. He said yes, but I've so far only acknowledged it as "hanging out." I really like him and, honestly, why would I ask if I wasn't interested? He asked me why him [as my v-day choice] and of course I said, "Cause you're an awesome guy and I enjoy hanging out with you." Clearly, I like him...I guess he wanted to hear me say it.

I wanted to see him this weekend too, but he had work today. I understand that. Work is important and I would never want to get in the way of it. And then tomorrow he is doing work from home whilst watching the Superbowl. I had hoped he would invite me over to just hang out and watch while he worked, but I guess that too might be troublesome since he has to focus on his work. That's fine. I'm okay with that. Maybe I'm just being a bit too needy at this point. I dunno?

Well, we'll see how this upcoming Saturday goes as he's attending my birthday celebration. If any of you that I know are in LA, let me know and I'll let you know where it's at if you wanna partake on the festivities. It should be fun!!! I really, really like DM. I just wish he would let me know if he feels the same way or if I'm just leading myself on. I know he said "just friends, for now," but that is so open ended!!! >:O Maybe I need to ask him like I did with MG (the guy who runs his own business). I'll have to think about that...Maybe on v-day...good a time as any right?! :T

Pardon the incongruity of this post...More soon on other things from this past month...but this has been on my mind as of late and I needed a sounding board...


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