Sunday, November 19, 2006


So after a good 3 or 4 weeks now, I've finally given myself closure.

I've stricken Mr. Right Now from my cell phone, from Myspace, from Y! Messenger and almost soon enough, from my feelings.

Speaking of moving on, hopefully soon I will be going on a date with my next hopeful Mr. Right candidate. And hopefully get a little more connected with him and take things a little bit slower...definitely want this to be more of a long term relationship rather than some unknowing, naive, one night stand. And it sounds like the new Mr. Right candidate, just might be the one...we'll find out! :)

Well, with that, I am unfortunately going to make this entry short. Lately I'm not feeling very lengthy in my entries...but rather many different entries, rather than one entry every blue moon, right?!

And Lastly...

Random factoid: "The US and Australia are tied on being the gayest countries." (That's for you Dan! ;D) That's from Great Things About Being Queer, a 60 minute show showcasing 20 great things by being gay and the aforementioned random factoid. :D Oh and one other notable one was, #5 - You Get To See Everyone Naked! Hahaha ;)


P.S. And I have to mention, Matt from Dudetube for some good advise on my closure with Mr. Right Now. Thanks Matt! :D


Anonymous said...


Australia is a pretty homophobic place. Very few rights where they count.

Nice to visit though I'd imagine.

Bryn said...

Good luck with your closure and even more importantly with the new hopefull. My lovelife also seems to suck at the moment. My run of bad luck must run out soon. B x