Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Danger, danger Gym (Robinson)!?

Despite being a bit tired and what have you from a tumultuous night of sleep and a long day at work processing data, RFP's (Requests For Proposals) kicking my butt and IO's (Insertion Orders) laughing in my face -- I hit the gym tonight (even if for at least half an hour this time around).

I park my car and walk towards the front door of the gym. My mp3 player in tow, got my tunes bumping to get me hyped for a run. I check in at the counter and for the first time since I've gone to the gym, the guy at the counter asked for my ID (to my confusion). Anyways, back to the story.

I wander down the row of treads to the second set in the corner (which I might add are WAAAY too close to the mirrors on the wall, I'll have to explain this in a second). So I find a tread and get on it, pull out all the stuff in my pockets: my phone, my keys, my wallet and some change. And start the tread. I take off my sweater then attempt to strap on my mp3 player and it's holster on my left arm. I speed up the tread. After trying to get it on was a task...and then it happened.

The music stopped. It was silent and I can hear all the ambient noise around me. Oh NO! I pull out the mp3 player and try to start it again..."Low battery." CRAP! I try once more, no dice. So I proceed to remove the holster off my arm and lay it on the tread...and then it REALLY happened.

I pull the headphones off from around my ears and missed putting it completely on the tray of the tread. The right headphone fall down towards the tread path as I'm running and I attempt to grab it. BAD IDEA!!! The left heaphone follows, then the whole case! As I'm watching this this, my first instinct was to try to pick it up as the TREAD IS STILL GOING!!! I'm trying my hardest to avoid tripping on the whole mess when I realize I being to lose my footing! As I start to lose momentum and what was beginning to look bad, I was able to straigten myself and hit the emergency stop button...

But that didn't stop fast enough as the tread continued to roll as I nearly flew off and slid off the tread nearly tripping into the adjacent wall. I pick up my headphones, mp3 player and holster and jump back on the tread as if nothing happened.

Be careful where you tread!!! X_X haha


P.S. A teaser of next season's (Season 4) The OC:

Look at that tasty morsel, Ryan Atwood aka Benjamin McKenzie...his new haircut makes him quite hot as usual! There was an earlier portion of this scene of him washing his hands at a sink and his gorgeous arms were flexed. Beautiful piece of man right there!!! :D

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bobby's body said...

Hey matey, be careful!

Though I have to say that flying off the treadmill is pretty embarrassing. Though it's not as bad as guys who can't help farting when they're lifting weights that are too heavy.

That's bad.

Keep on keeping on, you're doing great. bob x x