Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mind Numbing...

See that above?! That, will be screwed onto my head tomorrow whilst I get prepped for my stereotactic radiation (xknife aka radiosurgery). First, an MRI and then I get shots of novacaine to the points that are going to be attached to my head. And then a CAT Scan and another MRI in which they use a frame on top of that ring to be able to make precise calcuations for the delivery of the radiation. Then it's just waiting all day until the actual radiation, which only last 15-20 minutes. Lots of prep work!

The doctor's initially showed me the video this past Tuesday and the part that really made me queasy is when they attached the ring to the man's head. It was just not normal...The last 20% in once shot...then I should be rid of this blasphemous tumor! I wanna thank you all for joining me on this wild ride on this speed bump in my life! There's those of you that I'm really close to that I appreciate you for being there for know who you are! Back after the transformation! ;)



Anonymous said...

its the home stretch!! hang in there, and think of some great reward to give yourself for surviving it all... :D

Superdrewby said...

go that gamma radiation!

go baby go!

AS the song says burn baby burn baby burn all that tumor away!

Mattay and Jeff said...

Bry, you're in our thoughts and prayers today. It all looks scarier than it really is.

Give a shout out and let us know how you're feeling (when you feel up to it).

Go to Baby'll feel better for sure especially if you hit the Cheesecake Factory for the upside down cheesecake!

Devil's said...

Hope all went well. How big of a headache DO you have?