Saturday, March 24, 2007

WWLA 2007 and Me...

The previous weekend (after my wonderful friends M and J had flown out..I still miss them so!), I had the utmost, greatest pleasure in attending Wizard World Los Angeles 2007!

I only was able to attend Saturday and Sunday (March 16th & 17th), but boy, was it worth attending (I'd have to say, there was definitely more goregous eye candy at WWLA, more on this in a bit, than there werer at Comic Con...but then again, I wasn't going guy crazy as badly as I am as of late...:X)!

So to touch on the previous point about some great eye candy...I walked into the Los Angeles Convention Center and from the start there were definitely some great views. There were two guys that initially caught my. Both wearing tight shirts and their biceps popping from under the fabric and their v-shaped frames beautifully silohuetted and tapering down to their blue jeans. Just beautiful! But that was just the beginning!

Through out the weekend there was definitely alot of sights to see. There were more specific incidents, one was when I was interested in buying an item from the proprieter of a booth in the exhibit hall named Danny and my oh my, he was definitely a looker. I struck up a decent convo with him for a few minutes and was definitely enamored by his looks and personalilty. I walked away with my purchase along with a discount code for his website for ordering items and got his name as well! Hehe...:D

Another moment was when my other best friend (I have to tell the short story about him, he reads my blog now too now that he knows about me and he mentioned I had lots to blog about from Wizard World, so thank him that I posted about this particular event :p...from herein we'll call him TOBF) and I were shopping around the exhibit hall floor and walked into a booth. A worker saw us milling around one area and came to talk to us and told us would could check it out and it wasn't just for looking. So I again had initiated a conversation with this guy for a good minute or two...he definitely had some cute eyes! :D

TOBF came to hang out with me for a good chunk of Saturday and that was definitely fun. Now that he knows about my persuasion, he has been great about accepting me and hasn't had any reservations post revelation...but we'll talk about that in another post. I also hung out with my manager from work and his friend on Saturday, while on Sunday his fiancee joined us, much to my definitive delight!

Sunday was definitely fun hang out with said manager, his friend and fiancee. The earlier part of my day was spent waiting for some of the cast from Heroes to show up to sign autographs of which the proceeds went to a great cause, Give a Life. I spent a good chunk of change to get the photo I had with James Kyson Lee aka Ando signed; also which I was able to get a photo of Zachary "Zach" Quinto aka Sylar. Zach was definitely a hottie despite being the most conniving character on the show! Greg Grundberg was also to show but had gotten held up in traffic, then the story changed to a scheduling conflict then to him possible showing up in a small the end a no show. After that, my manager's fiancee and I went to go sing at the Singstar Pop section of the Sony booth. We sang The Reason by Hoobastank, a fave of mine to sing to and I was enjoying my 5 minutes in the spotlight! :D We finished it off and my manager took a bunch of photos of us singing! >_<

The rest of that afternoon was spent milling around the exhibit floor and taking some time out to just sit and chat just outside of the main area. Definitely fun! After that I headed out to catch my 5PM "manssage" at Burke Williams in Sherman Oaks. A much needed and delayed massage! My massuer Eddie did an amazing job (I disclosed the fact that I just had a brain surgery) and he even did a pressure point massage which was totally relaxing...It was AMAZING! I will definitely go back to him next time around! After that I just went and bought some groceries. Unfortunately Sunday evening ended up just been status quo. All in all, a great weekend! :)


P.S. Next up, the story of TOBF and a few other things on my mind...How is everyone else doing? I hope I'm not boring all of you with my poor writing skills as of late...Lately I've been in the mood of just recollecting my thoughts as I had mentioned previously. Soon enough, I will be propositioning you all to responses to some self reflection I've had as of late...