Monday, April 16, 2007

Blips on the Radar...

This past weekend I attended a good friend's non-birthday party with ETW (aka ToBF); the highlight of the weekend to my delight! I was initially reluctant, but boy, was I glad I decided to in the end! :D

So my weekend started off on Friday, where I told another of my good friends, DTJK, he is #13. Uncannily enough, it was also Friday the 13th! But my day was not riddled with any bad vibes (thankfully!). He was really great about it and didn't really bat an eyelash when I told him. Funny enough is that when I was trying to blurt it out, he had said he kinda saw it coming or had an inkling (well he likely thought I was gonna say I was gay). So the night progresses, he asks me a barrage of questions like when'd you know, are you a top or bottom, what do you like, have you been with a guy yet, et all. We had a very interesting exchange, the culmination being that he went on Craigslist and started looking at listings to my embarassment and dismay! In particular, the best (maybe the worst) instance was when he clicked on a listing with a guy who had a curved penis. As I covered my face in embarassment he took two of his fingers and belted, "Do you like it curved like this?!" Which I drew back my hand from my face in semi-shock to find out it was only his fingers (*phew*)!

Saturday morning I hung out with my new-found fag hag, CAAJ. We toured around Metro Pointe in Costa Mesa hitting up The Container Store, Best Buy, Nordies Rack, Pac Sun, Linen's N Things, Tilly's and lastly, Old Navy. We also made a pit stop at Boudin's for some awesome clam chowder in a bread bowl! Tasty! :D Speaking of tasty, there was tons of eye candy considering it was in Orange County (thank goodness for that!). In particular, there was talent at The Container Store (hunk in the red shirt); two metro's at Nordies Rack whom seemed to be on a whirlwind chase to find shirts/threads at the various stores in the vicinity. CAAJ had a hair appointment to cover up her blonde roots (*side note: she's asian, sadly...haha :P) so she left to truck it down to Laguna Beach and I called up BFoR and BFoL. Visited BFoR at his Fraternity event he was milling around out so I could give him his Easter gift: a hollow chocolate bunny *snickers* hehe :X He even had time to make me what turned into a paper lunch sack puppet! heh *hugs BFoR* After that I went to visit BFoL at their apartment. We hung out and talked about some personal things and I proceeded to fall asleep as he packed to head home.

And then the culmination of the weekend begins here. I head out to ETW's condo in Huntington Beach, but not before an excrutiatingly long car wash wait. Get to his place and end up chilling in front of his TV and his cat Shadow harassing me as I was trying to fall asleep! Damn you cat! Poor thing, probably was confused why I kept pushing it off of me and the couch; she made 4 attempts and finally left me alone! :P ETW finally get's back and we head out to said party. But, let me fast forward to the juicy parts of the evening...

So we get to KN's non-birthday party and she's already started her evening off with several other people who have been there earlier than we had arrived. There definitely some great moments: like things tasting like a turtle; as well as meat in one's mouth and not being able to swallow said meat. What really floored me is the talent that showed up at the party. I'm going to reveal his real name, which is Adam; he has the most gorgeous, rich, deep blue eyes (it'd be a fight between him and Drew of Superdrewby as far as who has the more beautiful eyes! :D). It was hard not to stare at him all night, not to mention his GF was in tow as well. I had forgotten about Adam because previously I had played poker at his place about two years ago, and well then, I wasn't yet into guys. Definitely remember thinking he was handsome at the time. Also in tow was a friend of his, Nick; who sent my gaydar on a 3-mile alarm! ETW and I were discussing the possibility and later we were totally sent amiss...or so we thought. Later we found KN getting macked on by Nick. But what confused me even more is when I heard him speak and converse in close proximity. And even more confusing of all the people, he said bye to me as I left. Totally confused! I wonder if his gaydar was set off by me. Anyways...

Definitely a great weekend...I wanna elaborate on the gaydar incident, but I'm tired...I will explore it in the next entry. G'nite! ;)


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