Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

So for my few readers, we're gonna take a commercial break from the last post to blog about a story I read several years ago and is pretty much an anecdote for my life.

Here it is (from what I recall of how it goes, might be slightly embellished for effect):

At a high school, existed a Jock; popular in all respects: a letterman, going out with the captain of the cheerleading team and likely a well to do in academia; everyone's envy.

There also existed a bookish Nerd; the total opposite of the jock: quiet, detached from reality, school and home were all he knew; invisible.

Both continue through the early part of the school year going through each of their typical routines. One day came along where their path's cross.

The Jock and the Nerd share the same path home. It was only this day did the Jock take notice of the Nerd. The Nerd was ahead of the Jock down the sidewalk and the Nerd was holding his head down with much disdain for the dreariness of his life. The Nerd, that day had decided that this day he would end it all: the pain, the invisiblity, his life.

Suddenly, a group of kids from the school rush towards the Nerd and knock the books and binders loose out from his arm; all the items spilling out onto the sidewalk. The Jock watched as this happened and something changed in him. The Jock runs up to the Nerd and helps him pick up his books and binders from the ground. The Jock introduces himself to the Nerd and they meet. That's all it took.

The Nerd went home, but he did not end his life as he had originally decided. The Jock gave him a glimmer of hope that his life wasn't as doomed as he had originally seen it. The year continued and the Jock befriended the Nerd. They became the best of friends, the Nerd made some amazing strides in the next few months; changing his life for the better, thanks to the Jock.

At the close of their high school year, as best friends, they both graduated, celebrated and relished their time in high school; also looking forward to their time at the same college. They stayed best friends and became closer than ever than one could imagine. They both completed college and entered the working world.

After high school, after college and even after entering the working world, they kept in touch and stayed the best of friends no matter where and what life brought them.

The then Nerd, had blossomed all those years and was now getting married. The Nerd began his speech at the reception. He told stories of his now wife and his life, as well as his golden friendship with the Jock. He retells the story of the day they met. The Nerd begins to get choked up in his speech. "It was that day I decided that I would kill myself when I got home from school. But that day I met my best friend and he had changed my life for the better; more than he would ever know. If it wasn't for him, I would not be here today. And I am forever grateful for him and his friendship. I love you."

I'd like to say thank you to all of you whom read this blog and definitely to all those of you whom have befriended me and have made an impact in my life that you would not believe you could have, be it large or small.

Happy New Year's to you all! May 2006 have been an amazing year for you and 2007 be an even more amazing year and hold for you all your hopes and dreams materialized!


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Devil's Advocate said...

I read your profile and I also loved Life as a House. More people should see that movie. Take Care