Saturday, January 06, 2007

Shouldn't complain...

Okay. First off, I wasn't planning to air my "dirty laundry" in "Hiatus..." but ESJ convinced me that it wasn't an airing out and definitely wasn't for pity's sake (at least I wasn't aiming for that). I wanted to share with those few who, in the anonymity of the internet, that I do talk to or that read my blog a very personal plight I was facing. And in that respect, something I didn't want to face alone.

Again with the anonymity allows for us to vent and voice some sort of reason to our thoughts and concerns. And definitely the "Hiatus" post made me think. Do I want to sit back and infuse my next few weeks with self pity and wallowing in my mess or do I want to live it up? keep this part short, the hiatus was only for a few days.

I felt that the blogging, interaction in general and living it up, per se, would better me homeopathically rather than sitting in my personal, mental filth. So here I am.

I am thankful that I didn't continue on that said "Hiatus," or I would have never been able to have the time of my life the last week or so hanging out with friends (online and real life), "meeting" new friends (Thanks go out to Drew of for his awesome shout out for me that I had never expected; Tim from I Think I Might Be Gay for the really good chats lately and some great advice; and JP Mac of Overnight in New York for just being an all around awesome guy to talk to!), as well as the real life friends like El Senor Jesse, BFoL, BFoR (sic), BFoR's sister, BFoR's family, my soon-to-be-comedian college friend (he said something prolific to me tonight in which I need to fix something before I have my surgery) and everyone else I likely didn't mention (because we could [read: can], be here all night/day).

I honestly don't know what to say...but for now, I leave you all to read my previous entries from the last three months. In particular, the one post I really do love is the "Happy New Year!!!," a special story that rings true for me every day.

Thanks again for reading...I'll likely have one more post the night before I go in...

I can dream about tommorrow

If it's still today

I'd wear down my knees every night

Even if I had no hands to pray

If my friends were dead and gone

Leavin' me here alone

Could I depend on some spirit

To ease me when my soul's on its own

If my eyes were blind

And I couldn't feel at all to see

Nothin' in this world but you complete me

- Tweet, Complain



DB said...

Hey, if you can't air some "dirty laundry" in an anonymous blog, then why have one in the first place? Glad to hear you're in good spirits, that's so important when dealing with medical issues. I know the surgery will go great, don't sweat it. Try to post when you can, you'll be in all of our thoughts.


Superdrewby said...

hugs :)