Sunday, January 28, 2007

"You're [hired]!!!" being confined to staying at home alot lately, I've had the priviledge to watch TV...a whole LOT of TV...Today is no different.

Tonight, I caught another episode of The Apprentice and I'm falling in love with Aaron Altscher (his Myspace here or for his personal/commercial site here). Unfortunately, he's straight, but he is hot!!! Last week's episode he had his shirt off for part of the episode; long enough to make himself noticeable as a hunky, muscular and handsome piece of man.

Here's Aaron's bio:

Aaron, 25, grew up in Columbia, Maryland, and earned All-Conference and All-Region NCAA baseball honors while getting his degree in business administration at the University of Mary Washington. He continued his education there and recently received his MBA in project management. Aaron currently works as a community sales manager, managing sales and marketing operations for a Fortune 150 homebuilder.

Only 25, Aaron already has several personal property investments. He spends his spare time playing guitar, coaching baseball, riding his motorcycle and participating in triathlons.

Aaron thinks he should be the next Apprentice because of his "passion for real estate along with his personal integrity, resilience and humility."

Another hot aspect of Aaron, for me personally, is the following statement he made on his workplace ethos:
Altscher believes the winning combination for success is to balance innovation, hard work, and humility. The best managers, he says, are those who empower their employees and maintain a “hands off” approach but aren’t afraid to roll their sleeves up and work alongside their charges.

I am totally all for his management style which is an ideaology I am a huge proprietor for in the workplace. If your boss/manager does not know to do the job you are doing and they think they are better than you to not know how to do or be able to do the same job you do, then as a manager I feel one has failed in that respect. But that's just me. Not to mention, that on his site he has a gallery of pics of him in a tight, butt hugging, full on baseball outfit. As well as him being a well rounded jock and book worm (as described in his extended bio on his site). So with all these pieces in mind, Aaron Altscher is one hot man I wouldn't mind giving me orders at work. Yes sir indeed!!! ;)


P.S. I'll try to download last weeks episode and post up some of shots of the beefcake shirtless on this post...delicious! ;)

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