Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Case Study 01: Runneth over?!

March 4, 2007 - Apologies for the delay on this entry...I have tons of material I can speak to this week! So sorry if my blog has been a bit static, been busy trying to get my life back on track! Thanks for continuing to read my blog! :D

So, in the last two months, I can nearly count all my fingers on one hand of how many people have tried to run me over! What gives?! Is there a huge sign above my head that says please hit me?! I don't understand! Is my renewed lease on life playing out like Final Destination redux?!...

Case Study 01, Scenario 01, December 31, 2006 - Okay, I'm not giving the majority of people who shop at Walmart much credit, but unfortunately the large demographic of their clientele aren't the brightest bunch (apologies if this is offensive, but I am lead to assume so unless proven incorrect). Granted the lights in the parking lot weren't on and it was dusk, but there are reasons they built headlights onto cars. But, this particular junky car came barreling down the street as I was half way across the walkway towards the Walmart causing me to blurt out several explicatives as the sped away as if nothing happened. The lady driving the car, with her music blaring (from the quick glimpse of her I got) didn't look particularly of a keen mind and probably didn't have enough insurance to even cover her junky car. Yes, I know I'm generalizing a bit much, but I'm definitely quite annoyed by the likes of people who don't give pedestrians a break, when they themselves, if were in my shoes, would not likely enjoy the same heart pounding experience they had given me...

Case Study 01, Scenario 02 & 03, February 18, 2007 - This time, it was in broad daylight. As I was crossing the street to go to my parked car and head out to a friend's for the NBA All Star game...then here comes a junky car and a junky truck taking lefts right in front of me as I was crossing the street on a walk signaled crosswalk. WTF!!! The driver in the junky trunk looks in his rear view in amazement as if I was at fault...Asshole.

Case Study 01, Scenario 04, February 20, 2007 - This time at work, in the parking structure. This stupid lady in her cream white Lexus comes barreling down the 4th floor parking ramp and I am 3/4 of the way across the parking driveway. So this time I mustered up the courage to yell at her. I've had enough of people trying to run me over at this point. It's not like I was walking across tragically slow, it's cause I didn't trust her; obviously for good reason. She slows and is mouthing off in her car like I was at fault! So as she picks up her speed, continuing down the parking structure still speeding I flipped her off. If it was her she would have just been as crossed as I was. I respect pedestrians cause I know how it feels when bastards like this lady and the aforementioned do not give you the time of day even though you have the right of way...I swear!!!

Is it me or as someone still slightly crippled a huge target for being run over?! Do I have a fucking huge sign saying "Run me over!!!"?!


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