Saturday, February 17, 2007

Retrospective, Part 01...

First off, I can officially say I am about 80-85% recovered from things. My face/jaw is definitely still numb; about 20-25% left and it fluctuates and gets inflammed at times due to yawning, chewing, talking and sadly, laughing! As horrible as that sounds...I'm coping and managing with all things considered.

On March 15th, I go in for another MRI and a follow up visit with the nuerosurgeon and also a consultation for the stereotactic (aka Gamma Knife Radiation) procedure to get the remaining 20% of the tumor that was left in my brain. What's scary is that I had been discussing my situation with a new friend (thanks to Drew of Superdrewby) about the radiation (whom is in a similar situation as I, having had a brain tumor and getting radiation to remove it). He mentioned he lost his hair and it made him really sick. Granted, he had multiple sessions for his radiation, whereas I was told I'd have mine done in one sitting as an out patient procedure. I guess we'll see, will have to pick the friend's brain a bit more and find out what other caveats there are to having it done.

I'll continue this creative juices stopped flowing for a bit...might be because it's hotter than usual right now at 86 degrees...and it's not even summer yet! >:O


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Anonymous said...

85% and climbing!!!! This is good news.

Glad to here you are back at work, and envying the progress of colleagues! Life is as it should be.

Just be ready for the next opportunity, and jump ship (with no guilt or regret) if another great experience presents itself.

If only I could follow the same advice.....:D