Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Rehab, Part 03...

So a quick update...last of the Rehab series. Debbie my other physical therapist said I should be good to go on driving, but it's at the doctor's discretion (which I got the green light from his assistant today...yay!)

They got me working on stretching my neck out (last two visits consisted of neck stretches...thank heaven for them...my neck's gotten stiff but the stretches helped heaps! :D) Standing on this swaying platform while doing my eye exercises and what have you. The bigger part of the exercises is doing them with my eyes closed, in total darkness on the swaying platform. Definitely hard to keep my balance on it. The arches of my feet were killing me as I tried to balance for dear life whilst on the contraption.

I have three more sessions left then I am back to work on Wednesday, February 14th, Single Awareness Day (aka S.A.D). Awesome! One more post soon about another milestone before I go back into work...


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