Monday, May 21, 2007

Tooting Your Horn...

Okay, I'm never in the business to toot my own horn (we all know we all end up doing that one time or another; and some more than the rest of us :X), but this article I think is spot on (at least for me).

Take are quick read:

Decode your birth order

By Lisa Lombardi

Want some fresh insight into your love personality? Forget about whether you’re a Leo, Pisces or Aquarius; instead, consider whether you’re a first-born, middle child, or baby of the family. If you want to understand how you operate in every kind of relationship, “understanding birth order is a lifesaver,” stresses psychologist Kevin Leman, Ph.D., author of The Birth Order Book. Read on for your dating personality:

If you’re an only child:

You’re a rock-solid citizen—and sweetie. “Only children are super-reliable,” Dr. Leman says. “They’re like oldest children to the extreme.” Growing up with only adults made you into a little grown-up early on—serious and dependable. You’re the rare person who will stay up half the night helping a friend or partner prep for a licensing exam or a big work presentation. You’re the type to move your partner’s car so he or she doesn’t get a ticket. Punctual and true to your word, onlies like you never leave a loved one waiting for a call or email. And you’re articulate, too, so your date can expect great conversations that really make a person think.

Your love challenge:
Admit it: You’re a bit of a perfectionist. Maybe you send back steaks that aren’t cooked just so or point out a teeny-tiny stain on your date’s sweater. Also, you’re so cautious and pragmatic, you can be very slow to act (read: Someone else has to make the first move).

Best match:
Youngest kid, because you balance each other out. The baby of the family adds the spontaneity and romance, while you make sure you two aren’t dining by candlelight because the electric bill never got paid!

So what are you all?


P.S. So I was having a heated discussion with BFoR's sister regarding the photo she took. The original vs. the photoshopped version (which I did)...which do you like better (click on the image for a higher res version)?! (Ignore the watermarks and the text)...Feedback appreciated! :D

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