Sunday, May 13, 2007

Girl, They Won't Believe It...

Saw Joss Stone down in San Diego this weekend. It was tons of fun! Went with CAAJ, BFoL and Frat Bro AB. Good times were had!

Fag Hag and I headed down mid morning (after a $37 oil change that I didn't have to step out of my car for! AMAZING!) and made it down to AB's place by 1:30-2pm-ish. We then headed over to the Viejas Casino and Outlet and spent a good portion of our afternoon shopping. I bought things from 4 out of the 5 stores we walked into. I know, I know! I shouldn't be splurging, but having just sold some company stock I figured I deserved to let loose a little. Bought some items from the Disney character store, a watch face and 3 straps from the Fossil store, boxers at The Gap (courtesy of AB, to pay me back for the concert tickets), some workout clothes at the Nike store, a micro fleece blanket and two cushions for the concert and then a hoody and t-shirt at the merchandise table at the concert. I spent about $200-300 all together, I think. I lost count! Retail therapy; a man's best friend! :D

We had dinner at the Harvest Buffet inside the Viejas casino, we lined up to get into the concert about 45 minutes before the doors opened, to a long line. Throughout the whole day, it was disappointing as there was not alot of talent, if that anywhere in sight. Suffered through two painful opening acts until Joss came on stage. I was singing my heart out with her trying not to freeze in the middle of the park, standing with the crowd. She did the longest set I've ever witnessed her performing: 2 hours!!! She got on at 9:30PM and finished a little after 11:30PM.

Afterwards we met up with BFoL friend, IV to get some burritos at Sombrero's (I think that's what it was called). Then we went back to AB's place to get my car and the Fag Hag and I made our way back up to Orange County. Boy, were we tired! We got back around 2AM. And got up at 7AM. I got up insanely early for good reason...

So a quick explanation fo why I had gotten up so early for a Sunday (when I usually don't get up that early). I was trying to meet up with JP Mac of Overnight in New York fame. He was in town for a job interview (which he sounds like he may get). So in an effort (more like a crusade as I've told Tim from I Think I Might Be Gay) to meet the bloggers I interact with, been trying to meet up with JP since Friday evening. But after several speed bumps and road blocks, we didn't end up getting to meet up and hang out. Which is fine, as JP assured me he'd be back again for a visit! So I'll look forward to that next time he's in town and hopefully plan something out instead...hah! Here's to hoping JP get's some good news Monday about that job here in LA. I feel he deserves a job that acknowledges his worth. G'luck JP! :D

And I will leave it at that for now. I'm in dire need of a nap as this weekend was definitely a whirlwind! Hope you are all doing well! Looks like I'm going to do New York Memorial Day weekend in September...gonna book my tickets today/tonight! :)

*Placeholder for video I snuck from the concert*


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