Thursday, May 10, 2007

Put It In Me!

So the post I neglected to finish!

The past two Sundays, I've been priviledged to have gotten to seen Altar Boyz TWICE! The second time courtesy of ToBF aka ETW. Thanks go out to him for the belated birthday gift (along with lunch!); 'twas awesome! :D

The 2nd Sunday, ETW and I had lunch at CPK out in Long Beach/Marina area, where, surprisingly there was huge patronization of the LGBT community (which I never noticed before!). So it led to alot of questions, prodding and jokes by ETW. Not to mention him saying my new hairstyle was very...what was the word he used...well actually, (he can correct me if I'm wrong) "gay." And my defense is, not that I need one, thatI can't do much especially with the post surgical lack of hair in places on the back of my head. Also to mention our waitress was kinda cute. She looked a bit like Anne Hathaway; she definitely had a great smile! We had tons to eat, outside of my Mango Tandoori Chicken pizza on wheat dough, a half order of bbq chopped salad, hummus and bread service, I only ate one slice of my pizza! Christ! lol Oh well!

So we head off to the show and I quickly seized the merchandise table; this time around buying a shirt (as well as a song book and two posters). What can I was on sale! :D

The Boyz this time around were definitely more boisterous and lively, with it being their last show during its regional run. Definitely still have a crush on Matthew (aka
James Royce Edwards) and Luke grew on me (played by Tyler McGee). Not to mention Mark (played by Danny Calvert) went all out this time around and really brought out his inner diva! Was hoping to meet the cast but didn't stick around for them to make their way out. Oh well! You can check out pictures and a bootleg video here. But when I go to New York I will definitely "wait"! (If you know the show, you'd get the joke in that! ;D)

I'll spare you all any more details, but if you're in the NYC area go check the show out off broadway -- info
here. The show is already in its 2nd year run off broadway. Definitely a great show to catch!

Also, I guess now you could say what they call an "Altarholic." So if you're interested check out the site here:

Speaking of things in relation to music, this weekend I'm going to see Joss Stone (see side bar for a sample of her work) down in San Diego at Viejas (think casino, outlet, outdoor concert venue). Going with BFoL, Fag Hag and a Frat Bro. Should be good times. I leave you all with that...and possibly another story if things pan out tomorrow evening! Stay tuned!


P.S. G'luck to JP Mac of Overnight in New York on his job interview tomorrow afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I actually went to see the regional long beach boyz too. My sister was one of James' victims on the last friday night. So afterwards we met him [again] and she got a picture with him proposing to her... he suggested it. lol!

And I guess I would be classified as an 'altarholic' too.


Kind of sad the production is over. You got great video though.

Anyways my email is if you want to keep in touch. Chrissy.

林袁珍珠奶茶 said...

Weird! This is toastergirl from the Altarholics site! I was searching for blogs on Altar Boyz and stumbled upon yours. How small the world is! Even more so because Chrissy, the girl who commented before me, and I met up at the MTW shows and became friends! We met on the altarholics site and then met up at the shows. Her sister was sitting in my seat, on the aisle, when Matthew picked her. I didn't want to get picked because I had a feeling James would pick me since I've been to the show before (I've seen the show 4 times in total).

When do you plan on going to NYC? I think you mentioned that you planned on seeing the NYC production of the show.