Monday, May 21, 2007

An accessory...

So this article has been coming up in the news often within the last week or so...

The stories of Porn Mogul (I guess you could call him that since I know the studio name) Bryan Kocis of Cobra Studios, was slain earlier this year by two porn stars, Harlow Cuadra and Joseph Kerekes. The articles keep tying back to Brent Corrigan and his partner, Grant Roy. In every article. His name manages to come up in regards to the conversations Cuadra and Kerekes had before slaying Kocis.

I'm not sure if the intent of all these articles is to indirectly (or maybe even directly) tie-in that Brent Corrigan (aka Sean Lockhart) is an accessory to this gross attempt to squealch a larger studio to their advantage. Articles also suggest that if they had gotten Brent as part of their production outfit that they would have a twink powerhouse (not that I'm a twink fan, in that respect). So was there something in it for him at the end?

Not that I'm trying to point any fingers, but I recall Brent being in some tumultuous times late last year. Some bloggers posted about Brent's laments about being embroiled in some contractual issues and even Brent himself on his site/blog mentioned how he was nearly locked out from using his namesake due to a fall out. Unfortunately, at this time, rather than doing my due diligence and finding these articles (I don't necessarily have time at the moment), I'm going to placate all my statements as heresay, yellow journalism.

Most of the recent news you can find at Towleroad or directly here.

So what do you think? An accessory or unlikely suspect?


Update: Hrm...strangely, Brent Corrigan has not issued any statement in regards to the recent news as of yet. His name is all over articles pointing at him. I would think at least some PR would be good. He's probably on some NDA at the moment until the case closes and Cuadra and Kerekes are acquited....

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Superdrewby said...

Actually Brent and Cobra had come to an agreement of the use of the name Brent Corrigan just before Bryan was killed.

It turns out that Brent and his bf grant were told by the actualy guys that killed Bryan and it was Brent and grant who informed the police.

I think for journalism it just sounds better if the lazy journos use Brent and his name with Cobra because he was their most famous creation.

so no Brent had ntonig to do with Bryan's death and he has suffered becauseof it which is a real pain