Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let down...

/Start Soapbox thing I am quite annoyed about at the moment is when people cancel at the last minute, the day of when you made plans.

It fuckin' sucks!!! >:O

After being cancelled on all week by various parties, I've kinda had it up to here *holds hand way past above head*

I'm just sick and tired of it this week...go away everyone!!! Get the fuck away from me!

/End Soapbox

With that off my chest, some interesting developments as of late. The Crush, is totally definitely in friend territory, only. Found out that his boy toy of 19 years old, he met/hooked up with the same weekend I had started talking to him since I last had a run in with him in the beginning of August. What I find interesting is what he said last Saturday while we were shopping together (he came up to the valley to hang out). He said "I need to date someone my own age." Why? "Because then that person would have their own money." To which I was pleasantly surprised (but it was more like a "DUH!", if anything)! And he had said earlier that morning in a text that the boy was showing his age. Um...hello! He's 19 years old, yes he's going to show his age! (Mind you, The Crush is 26...or as he likes to say, "Just turned 26," like it matters *rolls eyes*). Anyways, I thought I was getting over him on Saturday, but then when he came to hang out, I unfortunately let my guard down and started to fall for him again. FUCK ME...right?! And I'm admitting this cause, I don't think I can be friends with him much longer as its kind of difficult for me. I wear my heart on my sleeve as some of you may know and I get hurt easy. Pretty pathetic, huh?

I've tried to occupy my time with trying to find more potential suitors, but alas my luck is non existenent...

Anyways I digress...I still have to talk about the now annoying "non-date" the other week. So cliff notes version (cause I'm honestly running out of patience to tell the story in whole):

Guy from So Cal Social Club calls and asks to set a day and time to hang out >> strange questions and situations (e.g. like him bringing his laptop with him) make me wonder >> get to said hang out day and location and have normal conversation over dinner >> turns out he was just using me to try to get me into his pyramid scheme!!!

ASSHOLE!!! For those of you outside of the US, click on the link for info. Anyways...over him...I'll be cordial if I run into him at the next mixer, but I will not EVER hang out with him EVER again. NEVER EVER!!!

Anyways...I should probably sleep. I'm one big bitch right now and even me blogging is making me cranky. Alright you to you later...g'nite!



Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Don't worry - keep plugging away and you will surely find someone who is a) single and b) not trying to sell you a non existent pyramid fortune :)


Francoism said...

No more Bitch mints for you. Yikes, I think I would also have been livid with a week/day like yours.