Monday, October 29, 2007

I've got a case of the J's...

So I apparently have too many boys I'm into that have their name start with the letter J.

First there's J1, whom, I can proudly say, I am able to be friends with. After having met him at speed dating in the beginning of August, I started chatting him up over AIM in the beginning of October. He was straightforward with me and said that he'd be okay with us being friends. At first it was a bit hard to do so, but I finally got over the attraction. We hung out at the mall, chat online alot of the time during work hours and I've hung out at his place. Right now, I feel we're in a really good place as far as our friendship; it's burgeoning to be a long lasting friendship.

Then there's J2, whom I also met at speed dating, but he's playing so many damn games! He has social ADD as I have experienced when I decided to go out with him and his friends the other Saturday evening. Long story short, after having danced somewhat intimately with him, he asks me if I like him. I nod in agreement and he follows with, "only as friends, right?" BURN!!! So then we exit the club without his friends (a guy and a girl) and he says to me that he's seeing the guy we left behind with his friends. DOUBLE BURN!!! UGH...the next day I was quite annoyed with the games J2 played, so I was quite curt with him that Sunday morning. Hanging out with J2 three days in a row was a REALLY bad idea.

And finally J3, randomly sought him out on facebook. How shallow, I know. But he's completely gorgeous albeit a cynic. I've fallen in love with his musical taste (as per his playlist on his myspace) and I enjoy our conversations. Although he's miles away, I'm hoping that when he gets back in town, he'll be open to grabbing something to eat or drink to just get to talking. He says he's a bad boy friend, reason being that he's all about pleasing himself and not particularly caring about the person he's with. Also taht he hates explaining himself more than once. He continues to say he's a jerk, but I feel it's a wall he's built up and I'm quite enamored by him, physically and mentally. Hopefully, in due time, we'll see where it goes...

Okay so next topic on the list is talking about the
So Cal Social Club mixer #2 for was actually a really great time this time around. REALLY great time...


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