Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm a winner!

So, this past Wednesday I attend the So Cal Social Club out here in Los Angeles.

It is run by none other than the gorgeous Luciano Costa, who also leads a double life (not in a negative way) as a bartender at The Abbey in WeHo.

Anyways, so I got there pretty early despite the mixer starting at 7pm, people (of course) showed up fashionably late. Things didn't get busy until 8pm or so. I was completely apprehensive as everyone traveled in packs of two and how are you supposed to mix when everyone's got a wingman? As I said to Luciano later on that evening it was like "gay mafia."

So after three martinis (along with a $50 bar tab), the discussion panel started which was great as the topic of discussion was "Finding THE one," not to mention when asked the talking point of something no one knew about you, mine was to say that I had unofficially been out since October last year, but officially out the last month and a half. After that, had a talk with Luciano about the organization and what have you. I also got to meet a few great guys from the panel and got to talking to a good number of them.

Then came the raffle drawing. I was joking with another attendee about what one would do with $700 worth of Kiehls products. And they draw a number, but that person didn't claim their prize. Then they drew a second number, it was MINE!!!

So all in all, the event ended well despite being completely lame in the beginning. I thought I would need the martinis to give me some courage, but in the end me just being myself was all I needed to do. Definitely hope to check out the next event!


P.S. Plus, I'll need to tell you more about my work conference...

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Francoism said...

This is good stuff. 12 products! Wow, I wouldn't know what to do with myself! I love products and spend a fortune on them.