Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Reminiscing, Part 01...

My trip the other week was amazing (to say the least)!

I honestly had the best time, albeit by myself mostly. I got to explore the city and just clear my head of my tribulations back home. Definitely a welcomed change and going after what I know I want.

Day 00, August 29 –

Pinchy (former coworker) got me to the airport around 8PM for my 9:15PM (Pacific Time) flight. Upon checking my luggage in, I was told that we had to make a lay over to Salt Lake City due to the heat for refueling before we headed directly to New York. We board the plane, and then taxi onto the tarmac. We sit on the tarmac for an hour, when the pilot announces that there was some instrumentation issue they were trying to fix so they were in the process of resetting the system to see if that would resolve the issue. Unfortunately, it did not and we had to taxi back because someone wanted to get off the plane; so back we went. Oh did I mention we had no running water, so people were just using hand sanitizer to wash their hands with. Now, me being a bit OCD, I didn't not find this situation too sanitary and kind of felt sick to my stomach at the thought; but what was I gonna do? Anyways, we got back to the terminal, let the person off and refueled. By the time the captain finished all the paperwork he had to fill out, 3 hours had passed. We finally took off either at midnight or at 1AM; I'm honestly not sure as all the waiting made me stir crazy and delirious.

Day 01, August 30 -

Arrived in NY by 8AM (Eastern Time). I barely got any sleep on the plane, but I was completely excited by being somewhere I could escape all the troubles that awaited my return back at home. I took the AirTrain to the Long Island Rail Road into Penn Station. Got to my friend's GF's place (from herein, Tranny -- long story short, friends named her that on a trip to BevMo this past 4th of July...) near Herald Square after sweating myself over the two block trip from Penn Station. Took a 2 hour nap and then grabbed lunch with Tranny's childhood friend at Hard Rock Cafe in Time Square. Gotta scan and upload the picture...

*picture from Hard Rock Cafe here*

Tranny came home in the afternoon and graciously cooked us dinner. It was AMAZING!!! Cous-cous with grilled veggies, Broiled Pork and a simple garden greens salad with (I forget what kind of) cheese, some dried cranberrys and a vinagrette (sp?) dressing. It was SCRUMPTIOUS I tell ya! She's an amazing cook! Gotta have her teach me how to cook that good! :D Anyways, that evening marked the first night (and first time, out of five mind you) of seeing Altar Boyz off-broadway at the New World Stages. Awesome show as always! I got the premium tickets, which were $126...BUT it included the ticket plus a souvenir booklet (paid another $5 to get the signed copy), the soundtrack CD, a t-shirt and button. And better yet, it also included a VIP meet and greet with the actors inside the theatre, before they exited out into the "stage door" area (read: theatre lobby). Afterwards, met up with Tranny and her friend for some amazing desserts at Billy's down 22nd and 8th. Ate a lemon bar with some milk and also bought a buttercreme cupcake, which I saved for later. Good times!

I'll have to continue this post in Part 02, as it's getting near my bed time and I need to be up at 5AM again tomorrow for more gym! w00t! :D

To be continued folks...


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Spamouflage said...

Isn't it impossible to not have a good time in NYC? I'm glad you had fun, and where are the pictures? We need more.