Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Vlog 01...

Since Blogger recently launched this new feature, I thought I'd try it! The mash up word, vlog, sounds so foreign...German perhaps?! Anyways, here's my first, half-assed attempted at doing a quickie video blog of the hotel room I stayed in for my work conference. Okay some of you may not bat an eyelash at what you see, but I honestly don't ask for much and being set up in such nice digs, is and will always be a definite surprise and priviledge for this boy. Enjoy!


P.S. NOTE: By "decked out" I meant the amenities: like the HDTV and the LCD at the bathroom sink, and not that it had a shower and a bathroom. Smart asses. Oh and if you figure out what hotel I was staying at...um...I dunno, you win a prize?!

1 comment:

Spamouflage said...

Cool room, awesome view. I'd say you were staying at a Westin or a Sheraton.