Thursday, September 13, 2007

Reminiscing, Part 02...

Day 02, September 01 -

This day was awesome cause I got to sit down and talk with the creator of my favorite musical (Altar Boyz!!!) of all time, Ken Davenport!!! I was uber excited as he agreed to meet me half an hour before having to street time for his other new production, My First Time. I piqued his interest in the duration of our conversation with the knowledge I have on the advertising industry, in particular Google AdWords. I got to ask him questions as well about nuances of my fave musical and what have you. It was definitely a great meeting of the minds, normally it would have cost me "wafers" (see here for the "wafers" reference) but I got lucky! :D Anyways, I digress. Us street teamers finally headed out of the office towards Broadway clad in shirts that say "Ask Me About My First Time." Quite awkward if you ask me! But in the spirit of things...It wasn't so awkward...I think the looks I got while wearing the shirt and trying to pass out flyers and pins were worse! Haha! Not to mention the heat that day with a black shirt was definitely not something one should do...I think they need to get white shirts from now on...theyr'e cheaper too! :X So after two hours of that, we headed back to the office on 49th and I talked a bit more with Ken! Even got a free ticket to his new show My First Time (more on this later but let me tell ya it was great!). If you're ever in New York and want tickets to the show, wander down Broadway and 46th, next to the Bank of America ATMs and ask for Jeramy, one of the street teamers with binders and tell him Bry sent ya! :D He has discounted tickets for both Altar Boyz and My First Time!

Later that evening I went to see another musical (yes I know...this would be #3 during my vacation) called Naked Boys Singing. And they were NOT kidding when they say Naked!!! 7-8 guys show up on stage wearing NOTHING at all. With only their wits about them, they pranced, danced, pirouted around stage with their willies hanging out for all to see and oogle! My mouth (not for that reason you perverts!) was agape the whole time! It was a sight to see! There were two (one of which I will get to in a second) that were well endowed! But one in particular really caught my eye; his name is Spencer Gates. He was quite the looker! He was gorgeous! Drop dead! (More about him in a second) Anyways, show lasted about an hour, hour and a half as a musical reveue of various different songs about being naked, getting circumsized, name it, it was probably a topic of one of the songs they sang! It was better than seeing Thunder Down Under I would think, but I have yet to compare the two (I will by next February for a bachelorette party!). So that show ended and I was out in the lobby when Spencer makes his way out, avoiding any eye contact and looking towards the ground. Again my mouth was agape; frozen, wanting to ask him for a photo, clothed, but felt like the ultimate pervert if I did. The gaggle of 'Mos who were also in the lobby, giggled in delight as Spencer made his exit. How do they do it day in day out? Lucky for them, Naked Boys Singing only plays on Fridays at 10:30PM & Saturday at 6PM and 10:30PM.

Next, I saw My First Time. It was great how there was audience participation in the sense that when you went to sit in your seat there was a voluntary questionairre you could fill out with a branded pen. You filled it out about your sexual experiences and an usher came around to pick them up from you. If your story were good enough, it may be chosen as one of the ones read by the actors on stage. Interestingly enough, they compiled all the date you filled out and throughout the show they had a slideshow that had updated information about how many virgins were in the theatre, percentages and stats across the board. It was interesting! The two male actors, Bill Dawes and Josh Heine, were hot as hell! Especially Bill, who was popping out of his read t-shirt and sport coat. Dreamy! The stories were retold in the style of the Vagina Monologues and consisted of stories ranging from gay and straight, abuse, pleasure, situations, etc. All the recollections were used from a website that people around the world submitted anonymously. It was definitely an interesting show to say the least!

This day was one of my longer days as I was out of the place I was staying for most of the day. It was great seeing both these shows, especially Naked Boys Singing! *gushes* :D

*EDIT: I forgot to mention the rest of my evening: dinner with the boys and Fat Cat in Chelsea! Will add it tomorrow!

Next on the plate, Day 03...but that's for tomorrow! Hope some of you are enjoying the recollection of my trip, otherwise for posterity!


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