Thursday, September 20, 2007


So in the tradition of what I've seen other bloggers do when you reach your 100th post, here are 100 things about me (or this blog) or what I'm thinking at the moment that you may or may not know! (I will count down from 100 to 1, from the most obvious to the most obscure...or I'll try at least!) Here goes:

100. I love musicals!
99. I love singing!

98. Despite loving both musicals and singing, I have never been in a musical.
97. I have performed in front of various size audiences (largest was at the Irvine Barclay Theatre, which seats nearly 700)
96. Speaking of performing, I have done a few plays, in particular, my crowning achievement would be a culture night at the aforementioned theatre.
95. In college, I was in seven different organization; and the most at one time: 5.
94. 5, that's also the number of years it took me to graduate.
93. Reason being, I switched majors in the middle of my junior year.
92. I started college majoring in computer science, then I switched to a humanities major.
91. I took about 4 years worth of Japanese.
90. Am I fluent? NO WAY!!! (You would think, right?!)
89. This fascination of the Japanese culture started in sophomore year in HS.
88. All this fascination and I have not yet been to Japan.
87. I used to watch Japanese Animation...alot.
86. My favorite Japanese Animation is/are/was Dragonball Z and Tenchi Muyo.
85. Speaking of shows, I'm watching Mythbusters as I'm trying to come up with 100 things.
84. This episode: Superhero Myths.
83. I actually saw this episode, partially, while on my Jetblue flight to New York the other week.
82. I had the best time in New York; one of the best times I've had on vacation on my own.
81. Despite being in New York, I didn't meet any New York bloggers.
80. But I did see what a New York blogger was talking about in one of his blog posts (reference: Brechi Reborn)
79. I have finally been on Top of the Roc, which I have to say, is waaay cooler than the Empire State Building!
78. While in New York, I saw 9 musicals...Yes, 9.
77. Five of those nine, was Altar Boyz.
76. Did I mention I'm an Altarholic?!
75. In total, I've seen Altar Boyz seven times...Yes, 7 (twice when it was a regional production in Long Beach and the aforementioned).
74. Why do I love Altar Boyz so much? I think it's the catchy lyrics, comical aspects, religious references, the dancing and singing.
73. Reminds me, I need to post the video of me dancing and singing with Ryan J. Ratliff, who plays Mark in the musical.
72. I also shot another video of me singing with another actor from the show, Matthew "Bucky" Buckner, which is showcased in a previous post.
71. I may be obsessed about Altar Boyz, but I made three awesome friends due to the show!
70. Speaking of friends, I'd like to say through this blog I've befriends some awesome people.
69. Dan of My Life in the Slow Lane.
68. Drew of Superdrewby.
67. Bobby of Bobby Vanquish/Bobby's Body.
66. AA of The Accidental Activist.
65. The bloggers were genuinely concerned and kept in contact when I was diagnosed with my (thankfully) benign brain tumor last December.
64. This brain tumor, has changed my life for the better.
63. I am more vocal about my opinions.
62. I will not take anyone's shit.
61. Allowed me to live my life without any regrets.
60. The only regret I have at the moment, is that this frivolity makes me spend money.
59. And not to mention, I am quite a bit short due to having transitioned jobs.
58. Nearly a month of not getting paid can screw you up financially...Seriously.
57. New job though; I am getting paid more.
56. But I feel I should have been hired as a manager and not something parallel.
55. So I plan to speak up about this disparity with the director that hired me, next Thursday.
54. Lying on your resume and out loud to those you manage is not good.
53. My manager could learn a thing or two about that.
52. See what I meant about being vocal?!
51. I think this new vocalness (is that even a word?!) may get me in trouble in various respects and capacities.
50. I know it has with ToBF on a few occassions.
49. OMG how do other bloggers do 100 things about them?! I can't even think of another 48 in particular that stand out.
48. My guilty pleasure: I love Fergie's album!
47. My musical tastes are eclectic.

46. I listen to Japanese R&B.
45. Yes, I do understand some of the lyrics from time to time (remember #91?).
44. My dream job: being an A&R Rep for a music label.
43. Speaking of jobs, I have never worked a retail or food service job (full or part time), ever.
42. Why? I've always managed to get an office job somehow, someway.
41. Where I want to be in the next few years: a managerial then a directoral position.
40. Then what? Maybe some grad school or likely an MBA.
39. It's all a part of my grandoise plan.
38. A few years in Southern California, then Northern California. Grad/MBA and then relo and spend the rest of my life on the East Coast.
37. Speaking of which, I grew up in New Jersey for about a year or two when I was younger.
36. I remember the tiny sub-apartment my parents and I occupied.

35. The bed in my room, was on an elevated section, and well, I don't think it really was a room.
34. I remember when my parents would spin records on the record player.
33. Lionel Richie's Dancing on the Ceiling.
32. Whitney Houston (pre-crack headed Bobby Brown days...when she actually made amazing music).
31. I am a product of the 80's.
30. I love all the throwback 80's songs and all the top 40 songs on the radio that sample music from the 80's.
29. I talk about music alot.
28. I could probably find a song that is appropriate for every moment of my life.
27. With that song having very appropriate lyrics to fit the mood and occassion.
26. I know what song would fit for the jerk of an asshole I thought I had fallen for last October.
25. 20 Fingers - Short Dick Man.
24. Not to mention he had the nastiest looking uncircumsized penis.
23. It looked like the worm in the sand pit from Star Wars.
22. Yes...I'm not kidding.
21. Yes...I'm brutal, I know.
20. Now if you're wondering...I'm cut.
19. But I wasn't circumsized at birth.
18. I was circumsized when I was 11 or 12, because my mom thought I had difficulty peeing.
17. Dammit! What was my mom thinking?!
16. Speaking of my mom, I remember when we lived in New Jersey still she was taking/picking me up from pre-school and she had slipped on the pavement.
15. It was the middle of winder and the pavement froze over.
14. I also remember my uncle closing the window on my fingers...It hurt.
13. My aunt and uncle got in a fight over that incident.
12. I was pretty quiet as a kid.
11. I also had straight hair then.
10. What happened in both instances?! hah
9. I had a stuffed yellow, green and blue monkey that had a mini shirt on that said "I [heart] Bryan".
8. I named him Elmo...I know, he's not Red or a furry monster. Get over it.
7. I have a scar on my right, middle knuckle.
6. Got it from scraping my hand across the backyard wall while riding my bike, which at the time, still had its training wheels on.
5. Injuries: I have also cut my left hand, in the meaty part, pretty deep with a utility knife as well.
4. I have never broken a bone in my body.
3. I am deaf in my left ear....completely deaf. And no I'm not ignoring you if you're talking to me from my left side.
2. They ruled out that my hearing loss was the cause of my tumor. Yes, the tumor was in the same vicinity of my left ear drum/canal. But they said the tumor had to have been growing for 10-15 years before hand.
1. Some great (I think) offical news, below.

This goes out to all of you who have read my blog thus far and is a testament to those of you whom I have become amazing friends with. The friendships I have made through this blog to get me along some of the roughest times in my life thus far is something I truly cherish! :D It has been 11 months since I started this blog and have come a long way. The anniversary of this blog is nearing and will definitely look back upon this last year. Also, to commend this 100th post, I'd like to officially say I am 100% Gay. I have finally come to terms to my issues and have the confidence to embrace that this is who I am.

More soon...I need to finish my recollection from my NYC trip, before it becomes cloudy...


P.S. I can't belive I came up 100 things...well I kinda cheated. I was starting to get on a roll. I have alot of childhood factoids and memories. Probably the next 100th post I'll do more then...


Spamouflage said...

And you're a great writer and motivator.

Matty said...

Yea! I'm glad you finally admitted what I've known about you from the get-go. Now, I can't wait to dress you in drag!!!! {hugs}