Saturday, October 07, 2006


Coming back to the topic I left off with on the last post...Craigslist (to be referred from now on as CL).

CL is quite the perplexing place to meet guys when you're not really out of the closet. Reading the various ads for immediate satifisfaction, VGLs, want dicks now...definitely a bevy of ads of people who want instant gratification. Then there are the few and far between ads which someone is looking for someone "genuine, real, normal" (And I quote these terms as to not confuse the reality in which they should really be used). So even these so called "genuine, real, normal" guys looking for an LTR or FWB (friends with benefits) are just as superficial as the former I mentioned. I have come to find even those "genuine" ones balked as soon as my response to them is returned. What gives?! I know there's those who have probably found someone through CL which isn't a total loss (e.g. Matt of Debriefing The Boys blog, found a decent guy during his summer in California).

So where are these guys? The guys who are far from superficial and who aren't looking for a quick fuck? WHERE?! I digress...back to the point. Where does one look or go to find the guy for them? Do we have to chance meeting our perfect guy as we're walking down the street? In the men's section of your favorite store? A local hang out? I definitely am not the type to hit the gay scene or go to bars in general. I think I've tired of playing games after doing all my partying in college. I feel I have put myself more out there even by answering ads on CL (even my best friend said that's completely out of character for me). My bi friend says to be careful too. I can say that I have met one guy. But in all honesty, no offense to him, not my cup of tea. First time meeting someone through CL. It wasn't too awkward, having met in public. Definitely need to continue throwing myself out there without getting too much attention.

I don't think I'm terribly handsome or in this case VGL. I think I'm quite average looking, possibly even cute if categorized. I have my moments. In all honesty, I just wanna meet a decent guy, who's not crazy, not totally into himself, or too terribly into the scene. I'm quite complacent sitting at home, watching a movie and cuddling with my man. Is that so hard? Well, gotta keep on trying right? Maybe I'll get lucky and find the man of my dreams. Speaking of men...I'll blog about that next entry.


P.S. To confirm (well not completely) my accusations of superficiality, read this article here, a case study by a blogger regarding the CL community. Quite some poignant results to his albeit skewed results. Also check this other web article regarding bloggers in general and how "smart" we all really are and how linking back to one's blog from another site proves it's quality quotient. And thanks go out to Matt of Debriefing The Boys for letting me add him to my blog links! :D

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