Monday, October 09, 2006

When to say no...

So in the last post I left you with my next topic of discussion: Craigslist and guys (not to be confused with the two previous posts, one per each subject). I know I was saying that there isn't a decent guy to be found on CL. I'll come back to that thought in a minute.

But one friday night about a month ago I decided to be a bit more daring than usual and post up an ad looking for someone to hang out with and catch a flick. So come that night at 8PM still no emails. So I perused around CL looking for any glimmer of hope. Then I saw a sparkle: "Anyone wanna go to dinner and a movie?" Ding, ding, ding! I think we have a winner! So I reply to post stating I was looking for someone to catch a movie with (I skipped on dinner as I had eaten dinner just before then). So I sat refreshing my email to see if I got a response...10 minutes, 15 minutes...20 minutes...finally a response! So the barrage of emails begin. And we finally decide on a place and time. I go wash up, brush my teeth and mist myself with a spray of I go!

I have to admit I was a bit weary the whole week during and then I finally got excited for the whole experience to happen. I drove down the main street towards the theatre, my palms slightly clamy, my heart slightly racing along with my mind. I get to the movie theatre and park. I slowly walk towards the front of the theatre looking around for the guy in the garb he had said he was wearing. So I waited inside the mall in front of the doors, looking around and feeling completely awkward waiting there, crowd surfing. Then I notice him as he walks in through the doors as he's on the phone waiting for me to pick up.

So we do the usual introductions, and walk towards the box office and chat it up while waiting in line to get tickets. Find out where he works and what he does...I barely revealed anything about myself (which I guess is a good thing since I'm still a bit weary of just throwing all of myself out there). Anyways, we got our tickets (my treat thanks to my winning MVP for an organization I volunteer for) and headed into the theatre. We sat down and chatted up a bit more...and that was it. The movie started and NOTHING happened. NOTHING! Well not like I really initiated anything, but this guy I'm assuming is older than me, but he didn't make any attempts to hold my hand, put his hand on my leg or anything. Wow. Just wow. I guess my perception of guys on CL are that they're willing to go the distance and well, this instance fell short.

Surprisingly, the night ended there and we talked about going out again and parted ways. Walk back to my car and start driving home. As I'm sitting in my car, my phone vibrates...a text: "Wish I worked up the courage to ask you if I could suck you off." WHOA! Okay, where was that in the theatre?! So I responded: "Well doesn't hurt to try right? I was hoping you would try something." And we exchanged several texts after that with some innuendos and double entendres.

Well the evening went well I think. But in all honesty (no offense to the guy) but he's not my type, or what I expected. But he's nice and he has been trying to get me to meet up with him again to hang out and probably try some things the last few weeks since.. And here I am trying to find someone else so I can give a legit reason that I'm with someone else. But no luck...everyone on CL is still the superficial and self absorbed as I had previously described. I guess I gotta keep on trucking....I'lll find him...soon...I hope. Next time on the blog: Am I just as superficial?!


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