Sunday, October 08, 2006

Eye candy...

So on my last post, I mentioned that I would be talking about guys. Guys, guys, guys! Ever since I've fully acknowledged and confirmed to myself that I'm bi-curious, I have been eyeing every guy within my sights. Well not every guy, but enough to make my head spin! Anyways, I have to say I've definitely found some eye candy and am easily distracted in various respects.

As of recent there has been various eye candies that have taken my attention. Recently, a coworker has caught my eye. I know he doesn't swing my way but there's no shame in being flirtatious, right? ;) I know I've made various attempts to state double entendres on various occassions of very suggestive nature. Luckily, he plays back and I know I definitely enjoy that! ;D

Another instance was at my best friend's sisters party, a guy caught my eye. Let's call him hC for "hottie Christian" (I'll get to the other part of the story on why I'm calling him this). And I definitely took a liking to him quick, albeit I was initially very shy in even talking to him in general (along with forgetting his name various times during the party). But lucky for me, my best friend broke the ice by initiating several rounds of Texas Hold 'Em. And lucky for me again, cause my best friend stepped away and left me to explains the rules of the game (which I did a piss poor job of doing btw). Anyways, this gave me an opportunity to look him right in the eyes and scope him out and my, my, my what a sight! :D Unfortunately, after dinner, everyone headed out to a movie and no more oogling hC (I would have gone to the movies but had dinner plans with the parents, which I should have postponed!!!). As far as the naming convention, hC definitely won't swing my way as he's a pretty hardcore Christian as confirmed by my best friend, both having gone to the same Christian high school. My best friend shot down my dreams, but like I told him, EYE CANDY! Not to mention hC has a very sexy voice! :D

And lastly (for this entry at least), another coworker, well someone in the Human Resources department at work (actually the recruiter who got me hired for my job) is what I like to call a DILF (Dad I'd Like to Fuck). Yes, he's a bit older, married with kids, but dayamn he is HOT! And his voice, as Dan (of the My Life in the Slow Lane blog) can attest to voices being sexy, was/is always mesmerizing! Love how his butt looks in dress pants at work....Just dreamy! Another instance of how I am easily swayed is from the other day. He stopped by my desk admiring the decorations in my cubicle and mentioned he's a fan of X-Men (and comic books in general, I'm assuming) and asked if he had seen the new one. Fortunately for me, he hasn't. SCORE! So I offered to let him borrow the copy of the third X-Men movie which I luckily left at my desk at work. Yes, I'm easily excited, but definitely some quality time! ;)

Apologies if the quality of this post downgraded my blog, but this shouldn't happen to often or at least I'll try not to. And speaking of Craigslist and guys...I'll save that for the next entry.


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