Thursday, October 05, 2006


So where do I begin? I have a new found outlook on life that's slowly starting to expand and pull me in directions I wouldn't normally have explored before. I have to attribute this courage though, to a recent life changing/altering event that's made me change the way I'm thinking about things and definitely approaching my feelings.

So I think i've been denying myself for several years now. But it is only until recently that I, myself have come to terms with it. And by it, I mean...I am bi-curious. Yes, there I said it. I came out to a world unbeknownst to me who each of you are and where you're from and what kind of experiences each of you have had or that I can learn from. I know there are those of you right now that are probably screaming "You're either gay or straight, you can't ride the fence." And with this, I can say I still am a virgin in both respects. So now there are those of you who are probably screaming even more saying "How do you know if you've never tried either?" Well, my feelings are definitely strong for guys right now.

As far as coming out goes, I've told 3 people so far: Three of my best friends. All three, thankfully, have been totally cool and accepting. One of them is bi (I had come to find out), so he definitely accepted me with open arms. And with telling my most trusted friends, I definitely feel the weight of the world slowly but surely being lifted off my shoulders. With this new found freedom (per se), coupled with the life changing event I had last month...I am definitely exploring the possibilities of getting into a relationship with a guy...something long term, definitely not the one night stands one is prone to on Craigslist...But we'll save that for the next entry...


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Anonymous said...

Hey there,

Good luck. Personally, I don't think you need to be with one sex or the other to know if you're gay/bi/straight. You just know. I've never been with a girl and I know I wouldn't want to lol.

Keep up the good work, look forward to reading more about you.