Monday, October 16, 2006

Pickin' up the pieces...

So today, I decided I need to turn my shit (pardon my French) around. I had to pick myself off the ground and stop feeling so sorry for myself (due in part to the life changing event I had in September). And I needed that. I needed to stop wallowing and get a grip on myself and my life spiraling out of control. The change needed to happen. And now; sooner than later. The helicopter ride and what have you helped give me a turning point. And it couldn't have come sooner!

So today, I feel pretty accomplished personally (work-wise is another completely seperate question). I finally went to the gym after nearly a 5 month hiatus (due in part to several factors: a messed up ankle, time and well, in all honesty, lack of motivation aka laziness). So I ran on the treadmill for a good 45 minutes or so after work at 24 Hour Fitness. Definitely gotta keep it up so I can fit the CL standard...Haha...just kidding! That's bullshit anyways! :P

After that I hit up Target to buy some milk after my workout not caring that I was covered in sweat and probably stinking up a storm...well, not the latter, cause I know I don't smell as bad as some of the people at the gym *ugh*! home...did my thing and got dinner prepped. Watched an AMAZING episode of Heroes which I was totally looking forward to all day long!!! Also got some good news from my bi best friend! So that definitely added more to the positive pile of things to be happy about. But I still got a few more mini goals to accomplish today before I hit the sack: like a load of laundry, clean the bathroom and sleep at a decent hour. So with that, I am off. I leave you still with my last proposed topic: Self Image...


P.S. And one more positive thing that made my day. The other hottie at work, who doesn't work in our office but was there today satelliteing, DROOL!!! He's handsome as hell and has the most beautiful eyes! He said "Hi" to me in the morning which made my day! Then as the day wound down he came back and said "Good night _____ _____ (insert my first and last name)!" And I was the only person he said bye to in my area! It just made me all chipper! :D HOT!

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