Sunday, October 15, 2006

Only skin deep....

In the last post I left open the thought of my superficiality. In all honesty, I think everyone is superficial to a point, more or less superficial depending on the person in question. I like to think I fall into the latter, with looks being the least important in a potential mate (but definitely helps). I think in my instance, since I'm delving into uncharted territories, I'd definitely like to find the man of my dreams (or at least someone in line with what I'm looking for.

Okay, I'm definitely not one to get caught up in looks but research says one's looks does play into one realizing another's potential as a mate. There's a study about women being able to tell how much testosterone a man has just by looking at his face. His face?! Wow...that's kind of ridiculous. But I digress. I mean I do have in my mind the pefect guy...several instances with friends of friends, friends, random guys on the street, at the bowling alley. But, with all this looking, I know I don't have or stand a chance. I definitely know I don't have the looks that the typical guy out there has or wants in whomever they're looking for. Maybe I'm not being confident in myself, but after having answered 48 Craigslist ads in the span of a month, with zero having written back, I definitely feel inadequate. Very, very inadequate.

I guess I will have to fit the mold in order to meet someone and/or the man of my dreams. I'll be a hopeless romantic for now...I can only wish that I find someone to be with soon...definitely longing for that affection from someone I can be with at night, someone I can call my own. Someone that will love me for me and that I can love with all my heart...


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